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It is without doubt that life seems to be impossible these days without being active on the social media network. It acts as an amazing method of communicating between relatives, friends, colleagues and others known and unknown. Social networks in other words can be stated to have revolutionized completely the way how people communicate with one another.  Similarly how marketers tend to reach out to their target audience has also changed effectively. Basically, you create unique contents and post in on the leading social networks and interested people are likely to share it with others. This way, you will have more audiences coming to your site, thus driving more volume of sales and revenue. But, is there something that is misleading? It is very much there and quite huge! Email is still considered to be among the main tools for dominating social share. This is where you can find Covert Copy Traffic to be an amazing tool to assist in your online marketing endeavors. 

Covert Copy Traffic Pro Review

This WordPress plugin has been there for quite some time. Using it allows automatic insertions of text and inserts as people scrap the blog content or copy & paste the same. With the Pro version, it becomes much easier to make use of plugin outside WP.
This WP plugin is the creation of IM Wealth Builders on 4th June 2019 at 11 am EST (Tuesday). Its sale Page is Its front end price is only $17 and comes with assured 30 days money back guarantee. It falls in the niche of affiliate marketing. For this launch, both OTO upgrade and Front End has been combined to come up with a complete ‘Pro’ version. The latest OTO Covert Messenger provides you with higher commissions and your customers with optimum possible value.

What is it all about?

Covert Copy Traffic can be termed to be a WP (WordPress) plugin to help append your links and texts above or below the copied content. This effectively means that as people paste the same on emails or social networks, you will get traffic instantly and effortlessly. Moreover, the produce has been designed with several interesting and advanced features allowing you to select the attached link and text. Besides this, another wonderful feature is the ability to use it on any type of site desired and not just WP sites. Covert Copy Traffic promotion is quite effective and lives up to user expectations.

About IM Wealth Builders

Being the creator of Covert Copy Traffic, this corporation has made a name for itself in the domain and marketing world. They have launched several products that have been helping marketers all over the world to develop their online business and to make good amount of money in a short timeframe.
Feature details
Firstly, Covert Copy Traffic has been designed to be used with any device, be it Mac, PC or just about anything. Also, it can be installed with a simple click and quickly! The plugin will insert automatically the link and text previously added to the post from where the content has been copied. As people copy, paste the content to their respective FB pages, traffic and backlink is derived.
This method ensures that you do not have to bother about knowing the different ways to change behaviors of people. Simply sit back, relax and allow people to do what they like. There are no complicated marketing strategies to be used with this tool, nor have you to waste your precious energy and time thinking how to develop the business. Covert Copy Traffic bonus can help save money during the purchase.

Eligibility to use Covert Copy Traffic

With all the features, it is indeed an amazing tool meant for those lacking essential resources like money and time for their business. Again, those who are fresh to the industry and do not have any idea as to how to derive more traffic can benefit immensely from this tool.


When compared to other available tools in the market, Covert Copy Traffic is considered to be much different. As a matter of fact, it does not offer any idea as to how your business is to be changed. Rather, you just need to install this tool, which is within a minute and leave it as the plugin is likely to take full care of whatever needs to be done.

Pros & cons

Using this tool, you can avoid spending thousands of dollars trying to change consumer behaviors. Simply relax and derive the benefits that are offered through this tool. It is indeed a smart way to develop your business and revenue. Using Covert Copy Traffic coupon will further reduce the purchase price.
But this tool also comes with a disadvantage. Since the tool works on its own to drive traffic, partially there is nothing left for you to carry out any other activity to boost traffic. This means, it can be somewhat tough to manage the amount of traffic that can be derived from this plugin.
It is really easy to be used, quick and effortless not requiring any expertise or specialized knowledge. Right from installation to its final step, any lay person will be able to perform it perfectly and without any trouble. Also is provided a video to help better understand the functioning of the plugin. In short, this tool is worth trying out once. Simply install the plugin and watch your traffic and business grow in leaps and bounds without having to worry about anything.
Review Overview
Avoid spending thousands of dollars trying to change consumer behaviors
A smart way to develop your business and revenue
Further reduce the purchase price.
Performing perfectly and without any trouble.


Covert Copy Traffic can be stated to be an effective, simple, easy and powerful tool to drive more traffic to your business, with very less effort and not requiring any specialization. At the same time, it is also affordable with the front-end version being just $17. Covert Copy Traffic sale off can help you save precious dollars and enjoy using it for your business promotion.
Overall, this tool can be termed to be a boon to those struggling with traffics and backlinks. When using this tool, it will be wise to combine other methods or tools to derive optimum results.