Affiliate Traffic Bots Review – Chris X, Rich W + Teresa

Affiliate Traffic Bots – Chris X, Rich W + Teresa Review

Why Affiliate Traffic Bots will become one of the most Popular Cloud-based Software that makes you Achieve a Sizeable Traffic

Did you know that Affiliate Traffic Bots is one of the newest product that will be also a game changer to the way we achieve the right amount of traffic while online. Apparently, the Affiliate Traffic Bots will be launching on Monday 10th June at exactly 11AM Eastern. With the launch, a certain number of the first comers will be considered for a lower price as far as the need to acquire such a software is concerned. The launch date is actually drawing closer and you need to enroll and become among the list of first comers. It is important also to be aware of the fact that the window of opportunity will be closing on Friday 14th June at exactly 1.59PM.
Before we proceed further, it is important for you to be aware of what Affiliate Traffic Bots is all about. First of all, it is a cloud-based software suite which allows you or anyone else to get the right number of traffic online. Have you been longing for a way to make more money online by basically attracting the right size of traffic? If you answer is yes, then you lucky day has come. With the most attractive coupons, you can now get yourself Affiliate Traffic Bots at a lower price as long as you hurry up and get your software before the closing date.

What are the main software tools include in the Affiliate Traffic Bots Package

Now, you will be amazed by the number of tools that this product comes with. There are actually 6 software tools that are included in the package.
The first software tool that comes with this package is the niche Money. This a tool that has been already pre-loaded with over 100 profitable niche keywords. These keywords are a part of a list for ClickBank, Amazon, JVZoo and eCommerce. With this tool, you will be in a position to make more users to trickle in to your site. This will ensure that you have the right size of traffic crucial for your operation.
The second tool that is associated with the Traffic Affiliate Bot is the Keyword Titan. This is a tool that allows you to benefit from the feature where the discovery of keywords becomes an easy opportunity. With this tool, you will be assured of low competition and your presence of Google and YouTube will be amazing. This is one of the things that should drive you towards adopting the use of Traffic Affiliate Bot.
The third tool is the AutoWebsiteBot. This is a tool that creates the much needed website as per your customs. This is a tool that has already been pre-loaded with contents and other varied affiliate links. This tool ensure that the contents are loaded in just 60 second irrespective of the niche.
The fourth tool is the Domainaveli. This particular tool is basically crucial for registering hidden premium domain names. It has an ultimate website name software and with this tool, you will always in a good position to enjoy an extensive variety of traffic and this makes your contents earn more than you can imagine.
DoneForYou Theme. This is basically a WordPress theme and it is actually custom built for Google traffic. With this you are assured that your keywords will be ranked first or will be highlighted. This will ensure that your presence online is viewed first by a huge number of users.
The Al Traffic 2.0 Search Engine is also another tool and it is basically a search engine which is laced with 18 traffic opportunities. This has been spread across the top 200,000 websites. With this, you are assured of earning more and maintaining your presence long enough.
I is important to be aware of the fact that with FunnelBots, your customers can actually get unlimited traffic. This applies to any website or any other affiliate links. The main focus here is on search traffic i.e. (Google SEO and Bing PPC). However with Al Search 2.0 tool your customers have an opportunity to drive 18 types of traffic.

Steps of configuring and driving traffic

Step 1- Choosing a niche

This is the basis of every traffic achievement and this is the step where you will be required to choose “Niche Money”. This is a cloud-based app which has been pre-loaded with over 100 niches. Each and every niche should be loaded with incredible 500 buyer keywords so as to enhance a heavy traffic crucial for helping you make more money.

Step 2- Login to Keyword Titan Software

This step requires you to login to Keyword Titan and then search for the Niche Money buyer keyword. With this step, you will be assured of the fact that the app will find low competition keywords and the main target will be Google and YouTube Traffic. This step helps you to utilize the ultra-profitable and brings more buyers to your site.
Step 3- Launch Google-friendly websites and Use Bing PPC for hit and run traffic campaign
This is one of the steps that allows you to use the Website Bot in order to mop up the target buyer traffic. Website Bot will let you set up unlimited website meant for any niche in just 60 seconds.

Step 4- Scale up the big money

Considering that this does not stop, your website will be getting traffic, leads and sales. This step requires you to actually scale up to attain a big money. At this final step, you will be able to utilize the Al Search 2.0. With this you will simply enter a keyword and get to see all the key data. Software has been built for almost all types of marketers.

How do we present Affiliate Traffic Bots?

Presentation of Affiliate Traffic Bots is very important. Considering that it is the world’s first cloud-based software suite, you need to be aware of the fact that it will do everything for you and will also help you get right buyer traffic. Last but not least, you will also be exposed to 100x SEO and PPC niches PRELOADED for Google, Bing and YouTube. Affiliate Traffic Bots is the game change that you need not to forgo.