BotStar V3 Review – Chatbot Platform, pricing and bonus

Botstar review

The chat businesses are now dribbling towards a more focused and stable form of the messaging platform. Botstar is a fulfilling and effectual platform that makes the customer connections more timely, much more commodious, and opportunate. Botstar is a newly launched chat software that impressively gaining traction and very much promising to offer real fun to you, and if you’re really into bots, you can also get more information about this at sites like

What’s an app, Facebook or hangouts are old now but yet more effective but I was looking for something new and unique to contact my clients and to carry out an intelligent conversation with them, I have chosen the new option, Botstar. This is the easiest and smart option of visual chatting that developing every day. Few of my associates and clients use nuanced language and Botstar is a chatbot that promoting such conversations easily. It is capable of capturing relevant information of each visitor including bookings, inquiring and order related issues.

Now it is really easy to record all the business conversation checkpoints with the app. I have enjoyed a lot the fun way of chatting with the help of its interesting and unique templates. There are options like analytics delivery and audience segmentation. These features allow you to get a clear picture of your audience and you can segment them according to their necessities. Easily add the Botstar extension to your messenger or website and enjoy fast and smart conversation with your clients, business associates and more. This truly reliable app for business conversation and my experience with Botstar is awesome and I have gained more business through the app.

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Okay so, you are on the social network system and you have set one of your side-goals as ‘winning the friends and influencing people’, it is just a secondary goal for you to socializing, perhaps the reason is you run your business or looking for notoriety for the abundant expertise and brilliance. Now then, as you grow in stature in the online venue you will find that you have too many followers, and too many likes, and too many fans. You cannot keep up all the things even if you spend countless hours in contact with the people you don’t even know. Well, the solution can be easy with Botstar. This is a fine system that formulated a properly toned set up and can bring a good response for you.

Benefits of Botstar that you can enjoy too:

Botstar is surely a new option of smart conversation that equipped with a chatbot editor. It comes with the graphical and visual chatbot editor and very much user-friendly. You don’t need to be skilled to handle the chatbot while you are using Botstar. A most interesting feature of Botstar is the drawing doodle. You are allowed to test and train previously to test the chatbot. With the feature, you can uncover new major issues and can add new improvements. Managing dynamic data is easier with the CMS functionality of the app.

This is an intelligent app that collects all the intelligence from the potential interactions with the visitors of your website. It can smartly capture and identifies the important data from that you can get the best of functional insights.

Slicing and dicing data according to your preference is easier with the app and its audience segmentation option.  Segmentation filters can allow you to differentiate your clients according to its gender, location, and device they use, time, etc. Want to win the hearts of your clients? This is really possible if know them and Botstar allows you to know your audience.

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You are allowed also to scale chat list conveniently and you can update the app as your business improves and the requirements of your business changes.  There are options like Nesting and Modular Block, NoodeJS coding, modular block, NLP included in the system.

Check out the feature in one line

Review Overview
Impressing live chat support is really an interesting option of the app that I usually use.
Botstar comes with a powerful and good quality visual editor
Live Debug and testing option
Checkpoints and conversation
Audience analytics and segments
Human takeover
Website Widget
Broadcasting newest business updates
More than 50 chatbot Templates
You can easily create the campaigns for monthly or weekly promotion with the app.

To complete the review, let me share a few of my friends experience with the app:

As I have recommended the app to my friends by experiencing the user-friendly and interesting features of the app, they used it and had the same great experience as me.

Alice, my friend runs a real estate firm and she doesn’t have much time to go live on social media to drag more client. She has a lot of other works to grow her business like a consultation, valuations of properties, prospecting, etc. She missed the opportunity to contact her potential customers. But not now, she has started using Botstar and achieved a great result. She can now get information about the potential home buyers; property owners etc and can schedule the appointment in a proper way. She can now work on the customer’s request quickly also. The app can automatically record the date and time of the appointment at the end of a conversation.

Now come to my experience with the app. I am the owner of a fashion store and I had to deal with the customer’s queries most of the time. I don’t have an offered 24×7 customer support service but my customers ask me several questions through direct message regarding the price of different dresses. I need to sleep at night, trust me I love to sleep. What about the answers to my clients?  Botstar doesn’t sleep at all. It can tackle such issues effortlessly at midnight or at the weekend when I enjoy my family time. My customers can get the answers of their every query now and I will never miss any of vulnerable orders from them. I can classify the orders by adding tags and can use the promotional messages too. I have a great customer support team now that offer the best of customer service and ensures great revenue for my company.