Motioney Review – Andrew Darius

Motioney Review

In this review I am going to talk about a wonderful product – Motioney – the highly powerful app which creates live picture ads and video posts. Before you ask me whether I am using this product let me make it clear that I am not a user of this product! Then why I am writing this review? Just to make money? Oh, no! I decided to review this desktop app after listening to my friend and more than that after seeing his excitement.

My friend is an enthusiastic and hardworking online businessman. A few months back when I met him I found him dejected and worried. The reason was that he was not happy with his sales. I was a bit surprised because I know how much time he used to spend for creating video ads and engagement post. In order to drive buyers into his website he was using various apps for creation of ads as well as social postings. I now recollect what he told me about those automation apps. He concluded saying that though there was no dearth of video ads and engagement posts they were all futile and I could not achieve my sales target.

Then I could realize his actual problem. I reminded him about the basic fact that the number of video ads you have created or the number of automation apps that you have used for the creation of ads and postings is not important. The quality of your ads and postings is really important. I asked him, “when your ads and postings fail to attract buyers how you will be able to convince them about the quality of your products?”. My friend got the message! He realized that those apps which were supposed to drive a lot of new customers for me failed to perform. Then how his sales will improve?

Motioney makes things to happen really

“Act fast and take corrective steps immediately. See to it that you turn the corner.” This was the advice I gave him on that day. And today, I am proud to say that my friend really turned the corner! So, who is the winner here? It’s neither I nor my friend. Let me tell you the truth, “Motioney” the great desktop app successfully developed many new customers for his business. Our idea to create stunning videos and engagement posts from a single picture worked very well. There my friend selected the very best desktop app “Motioney“. The outcome was unbelievable. The traffic to his website started to pick up very quickly and my friend started jumping on his feet on seeing the daily sales figures. When he was narrating to me the latest developments in his business, I felt everything a bit dramatic! Instant traffic was brought by video ads and post that were created by Motioney? He firmly replied, “Yes, it really happened”.

Have sufficient time to engage your audiences

Here let me highlight the other side. I told you in the beginning of this review that my friend is very hardworking and that he spends a lot of time for creating video apps and posts. And, in reality, because of that he was not getting time to engage his target audience. Customer engagement was practically nil. Then it was quite natural that the sales didn’t pick up. He failed to concentrate on getting more leads. Then how the sales will improve? And what is the present scenario? My friend is equipped with Motioney so that he need not sit for hours to create video ads and posts. As a result, now there is efficient customer engagement. My friend can now spend sufficient time with his audience. Now he is getting a lot of leads. No wonder, his business has started giving impressive results, thanks to Motioney.

A fan of Motioney!

If you happen to talk to my friend about his business, after listening to him for a few minutes you may wonder whether the guy is selling Motioney software or some other products. You may have to confirm that he is a user of Motioney software and he is creating video ads and engagement postings using Motioney to promote his products. He has become a fan of Motioney since at the right time Motioney not only rescued his business but enabled him to make it a big success. If you have any plan to invite him for a presentation about Motioney, you may have to allot a few hours for him. Being a genuine user who could reap business with the help of Motioney, he has to say quite a lot about Motioney.

Create live picture ads on social media

But, here I have to mention a few very important facts that were highlighted by my friend. Today, the online marketer who is capable of effectively engaging his target audiences on the powerful social media is assured of his success. In this context, I can tell you that those who have the Motioney software are rest assured that they are equipped with a really unique app which is in fact the first all inclusive, live picture ads and posts creation app the world over. Interestingly, one can use Motioney for the conversion of video ads and posts for a host of social media sites including Facebook, twitter, You Tube, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.

Arrest the attention of viewers for a second, at least

Now my friend has realized why he failed to improve his sales earlier. He wasted his time as well as resources for creating video ads and posts that were not at all productive. Those ads and posts failed to bring the desired results. One can easily generate viral traffic on Facebook provided his ads and posts are highly appealing. In today’s fast moving world neither you nor I can afford to spend a few minutes to go through the long video content posted on social media by online marketers and as a result their efforts go futile. Motioney creates live pictures within seconds and the audiences will not ignore such live pictures. The momentary video as created by Motioney effectively convey the message in a way which is very easy to understand and the viewers are sure to find such ads interesting as well as entertaining.  These video ads come with an element of fun that tempts the audiences to share those pictures. When a video post which is viewed by the audiences for not more than 2 seconds influences the minds of the viewers to that extent, it is quite certain that they will produce results.

Any picture can be brought to Life!

What is the greatest advantage of Motioney? It has made creation of live pictures easiest, fastest and least expensive. Businessmen are no more required to struggle for hours or even days to create live pictures. They need not spend heavy amounts for outsourcing technical and designing expertise for creating live pictures. With Motioney now it is quite easy to bring any picture to life regardless of its size, quality or the method of shooting.

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Motioney Review – Andrew Darius
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