5 Easy ways to earn money online

1.Sale Stuff online:  In a month, how many times you visited sites like eBay, Amazon and similar kind of sites.  Many times you have got the second hand material at a cheap price.  Online is the best marketplace to earn money without hard work.  The thing you need to do is, collect the stuff or goods which are not used.  It could be like cellphone, books and electronic goods like pin, jack, chargers, hearphones etc.  If you are good at marketing, then take some good pictures,  upload your stuff online for sale and put your price by checking the price of related stuff.  Even you can collect the items which are unused and outdated stuff of your friends or relative, post them on the site and sell them.

  1. Set up online Blog: If you can express your feeling and the area of your expertise in the form of writing or blogging or freelance writing. These options will fetch you in making money online. You need to create a free blog on blogspot and create Adsense account. The blogging is the best, simple and quick way of making money.   You can take the help of the other blog owner to divert some traffic to your blog by commenting on other reputable blogs and links of others.  Make a space for advertising on your blog.
  2. 3. Online paid survey: You can find many survey companies who pay for the internet users for their comment, ideas and opinions for well-known products and services. Many survey companies send their contestants free products or services to do a trial. If you are searching the funny way to make money online, then register with the genuine company and start. Before you register with any survey site, you should read the terms of service. I recommend to be careful in the online survey, because there are more fraud and scams are involved in a paid survey.
  3. Freelancing: Freelancing is different from blogging. If you are a fantastic writer with good and quality writing, then you can choose freelance writing where you can earn decent money.  Freelance writing will be paid instantly after the completion of work.  You can see many companies are hiring freelance writers, when they are not able to afford  all benefits in the office or when they have extra work they hire freelance writers to do the work or task.  You can take the help of sites to find freelance writing work. You can pick writing in two ways, one is expert writing  and other simple way.
  4. Video uploading on YouTube: This work can be done by everyone and earn money. Many times you have seen advertisements on youtube videos.  YouTube is another way of making money.  People like you and me are not knowing that you can earn money by uploading the videos on YouTube.  The video need not to be a technical one, it could be from serious to funny.  YouTube videos are the best, quickest and easiest way in making money online.  For example, Women who stay at home and good at cooking, they can start cookery videos.