5 Stupid Pieces Of Advice About How The Prayer Words Brings Miracle in your life

Almighty is one who has created everything in the world.  As a creator, God can have anything and he can do anything for their children.  God gives you anything at the same time he can take anything which he desires from you.  The miracle can happen only by your sincere prayers.  Everyone prays you when we are in need of something.   Here are 5 advices how your powerful  prayer can invite God to bring miracles in your life:

1.Build your faith:  Trust God that he will keep up his promises, no matter what circumstance you face.  Pray God to give you faith and be confident.  Believe God, that he will reward you for your prayers.  Expect the Almighty to do more than you could do on your own.  Be in a surrounding of people who have strong faith and the people who have experienced his mighty powers and should be faithful in their own lives.  Pray regularly for a miracle in your life.  And write down the answers to your prayers when you experience.

  1. Ask God for what you want: When you are praying for something, ask with genuine. You will receive answers from God and he will try to convince you with your own plans.  If you identify any faults in your prayer, Tell God I am praying for my own comforts and desires.  Only few individuals pray God only when thing go wrong.

3.Depend on the Almighty strength to fight spiritual battles: You should be aware of discouragement which is caused by evil and it opposes your efforts to grow closer to God.  Come out of sinful habits that may open the doors in your life for evil to get into.  Don’t rely on your own strength, pray the Almighty to empower you to do battle against the enemies in each and every situation.

  1. Wrestle in prayer: When any bad happens to you, don’t through a few prayers for God’s help and move to discouragement. If the problem or situation doesn’t change for a longer period of time.  Keep on praying and hold the Almighty promises and fight to see your enemies in this fallen world.  Be positive and persistent, until God gives you the answers.  Don’t give up the prayer for a particular situation until God’s power comes into it.
  2. Pray to God for what he can do: Don’t limit your prayers for simple situations.  Instead,  make a habit of praying for bigger things rather than smaller.  Example:  Instead of simply praying to get through day with colors, pray for big things.  Pray God to do something incredibly powerful in each and every situation which you bring before him.  God will respond to true and genuine prayers.  The Almighty will respond even for small things.  You approach God with confidence and then you can pray for  big things.
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We need to thank the god for his blessings which he has given us.  Joy or happiness can be found in God.  Pray God give strength to solve the tough situations in life like health – financial.