8 Proven Actions You Can Take Today To Make Money Online From Your Passion

1.Consultant:  Find the persons or friends or businesses who are seriously need advice.   It may be related to social media, knitting, crafts or business.  We see many persons starting  a business, who don’t know how to start the business and how it is beneficial in getting the income.

2.Coach:  There is no much difference between a coach and a consultant.  The coach is a person who helps you in your personal life where as a consultant, someone who give advice in the business work.  Nowadays people pay for a solution. Search the person  who genuinely are in need of it.  You can take the help of social media, send mail to the group of friends who need help, put up an ad on craigslist and it doesn’t require huge marketing effort.

3.Create an online course and notes:  The online course and study materials like notes will develop money for a long time.  You can even generate money by sharing the notes and online course in social media. If you are expertise in a particular area, then make it as a course and help the unknowns. For example, If you are good at cooking and baking, then train the people who are interested in it. There are many sites where you need to transfer the notes to the site with your price and you get paid once the other student downloads it.  The Notesale is a site, which is free to list the notes of yours, but they charge a little amount on your profit to handle the marketing.

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  1. Teach someone one-on-one: Tutor or teacher is a person who teaches the students on a particular topic who knows inside and outside. Parents are always looking for a person who can provide good teaching to their children. You can check with eduFire, Teachstreet or Mindflash which connects students and teachers, which may be one-to-one or one-to-many.
  2. Write a guide: If you are good at something, it may be researching or writing. Anyone can publish e-Book and make money through online. You can write them in PDF format or eBook.  If you have a lot of content which you have written for your blog, journal or articles, don’t dwell it.  You can make money with the help of good stuff by making package and sell it.
  3. Create a Podcast: All together collect talk or interview, quote a price on it and then promote it. You can do this with the new content or existing one or turn into audio and upload them to iTunes.
  4. Outsource yourself: Show your hidden talents to the world. Many seller’s account on the sites are available such as Odesk, Elance and Fiverr.com.  Fill your bio and get the job in the market.  Fiverr is a fun and easiest way to make money, where everyone sells their services at five bucks.  Even you are not placed right away, you can market your services by using sites.

8. Administration and Virtual Assistants: If you are able to type and answer calls and then you got placed in one of the administrative work at home. Here are a few options of administrative assistance like transcription, customer service, answering service and virtual administrative assistant. The Virtual assistant is the best job where you can work at home with your flexible timing and they can work for multiple clients just by staying at home. The work of virtual assistants is blogging, responding to mails, product listings, research.

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