Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition | Streaming Media Player

The Amazon Fire TV Game Controller comes with the promise of super-fast streaming and seamless gaming. This one has a fluid and fast performance and allows the entire family to enjoy more than 1400 games. It is powered by a quad-core processor having 75% higher amount of power than its previous version, 2 GB memory, dedicated graphics engine, dual-band 802.11ac and improved Wi-Fi support.

Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition
Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition

High Streaming Capability, Lower Price

The Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition and Streaming Media Player is the latest in the line of streaming video players from Amazon that are constantly being improved. Its Ultra HD 4K movie and show playback capabilities at the highest resolution, 2160p or 3840p, make it a winner all the way. Although the Nvidia SHIELD console with a Tegra X1 processor is the most robust streamer to be found, the Amazon Fire TV has a much lower price tag.


The Fire TV has a shiny, sleek exterior that can fit easily into the smallest modern living rooms. Its remote control comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and the box can easily be concealed behind the TV. It gives a retro feel, given that it looks similar to the actual Fire TV box. The little media box can appeal to you, whether you are an experienced or a first-timer user. The Fire TV remote is small and solid in size, and is responsive as well.


The latest Amazon Fire TV runs a responsive Android OS version. Android stands as a prominent OS on its own. It helps users to easily and quickly gain access to content. There is the voice search software that is highly accurate, fast and responsive, and is an integral component of the Amazon frame-up. The home screen of the FireOS is simple and clean, and can easily be viewed from a distance.

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The presence of two dual-core chips in the quad-core MediaTek processor, a 1.6GHz chip and a 2GHz chip, offers about 75% faster performance than the silicon chip of the previous model. The Amazon Fire TV can provide you with access to UHD content from Netflix as well as Amazon Prime. You can use it to purchase or rent additional Amazon 4K content that is not there on the Instant Video service. The efficient video codec (HEVC) of the Fire TV plays compatible videos very quickly. It can ensure that Full HD videos start faster and run smoother on network connections that are slower.

The app library of Amazon Fire TV has also witnessed quite a few worthwhile additions, with the new Twitter app being the most notable one. The Twitter app lets news and bingo app free content to be live-streamed. Start making Live stream with Go Live to improve the quality of your content.


It offers a suite of games, which consist of Game of Thrones, Telltale’s Walking Dead and many other serious games. Although it cannot be a substitute for Xbox One, PC or PS4, the 3D level gaming performance of the latest Amazon Fire TV makes it appealing enough to be picked up. Go pick it up and be sure to use an amazon coupon to get a discount online (check here). It is undoubtedly one of the best 4K Ultra HD media streamers to be found on the market at present. It’s up to you to decide which is better to use LCD or LED gaming monitor when playing.