Are You Struggling For The Job Here Tips To Help You Look For A Job

It is not a matter of student or seasoned professional looking for a job.  The principles apply and requires are discipline and a positive attitude.

Six Tips that help you in getting a job:

1.Work out what excites you and what doesn’t:  Make a note or write down what would be your dream job and then make a note  on your skills or qualifications, which prove you in doing the particular job.  Don’t stick to a particular site for job search which help to define the type of job that excites you.

  1. What companies would you love to work for: The job seeker has to think about his favourite brands or companies which are innovators in the particular field. If you have a desire to work for a company which offers flexibility.  There are many sources or sites are available on the internet which help you to find the company or industry where you want to work.
  1. Write your resume: Now you have understood the type of job and the company you want to work. Now you need to prepare a resume keeping in mind with these two things. If you are not confident in writing the resume, then I strongly  recommend you to get the assistance with others.  If you are a student, you can take the help of My Resume Builder to create your professional resume or you can take the assistance by the professional resume writer.
  1. Preparing your job search strategy: With the help of your list of companies where you want to work for, contact the persons who are working there or have worked there in the past. Don’t forget to ask them for building the network, if they know anyone who works there tell them to introduce you.  With the help of contacts tell them about your skills, qualification and if they know any opportunities in your fields tell them to introduce you to.
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You should take the help of recruitment agencies too.  Because they have more contact with the companies and they can help you in finding the right job for you.  Don’t forget to search on employment sites where the position being advertised by the recruitment agents and large, medium and small companies.

  1. Tailor your resume and cover letter for every position: Don’t think you can apply the same resume and cover letter for all positions. Every job description has a different set of criteria.  If you have a master copy of your resume and cover letter, you have to go through the resume and tweak it here and there to bring into notice of relevant skill or qualification the recruiter is asking for.
  2. Apply with confidence: The easy part is start sending your resume and cover letter to your contacts or network and position you have seen in an advertisement in the paper or online.  The due diligence in understanding what you want and the listing who can deliver value too will pay off.

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