Are You Struggling With How To Make A Pray For Miracle

Everyone is unique and distinct in their prayers. Prayer work can often take unusual twist and turns.  You should truly and sincerely believe god.   Then only God hears and answers all your prayers.  You should remember that God loves you with all of his heart.  You are a child and beloved of god.  Almighty doesn’t expect the impossible from us, he wants us to expect the impossible from him.

We pray for a miracle of business for god to open the door which we needed to open and close the doors which we need closed.  We pray for miracles of business and our prayer is to send more customers to the shop to purchase the items.  God is like a parent who offers different things throughout our lives.  Sometimes parents will grant the wishes of their children and sometimes they won’t.  Here are a few reasons about how we pray for business in case of a new venture or partnership firm.

When we are starting a new business, we pray for a miracle to help in starting own business.  Usually we pray you, for a miracle and we tell as you are the strongest and the best partner in the business.  Please join the hands in the business to do miracles,  you will help us to  become successful businessmen for myself, my family and the customers whom we serve.  Bless me with powers of good judgment, wisdom and guidance.

We pray you to grant the motivation, inspiration, right direction and resources to become successful in the business.  As the intention of the business is very clear and strong to serve the customers in an ideal way.  God help me to stay focused on the goals and reap the honest reward for the benefit of all.

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We pray for you to send at least 20-30 customers daily and hope each customer will make a purchase at least 1000 bugs worth of items. We need a little sum of money to solve our financial crisis in our life.  We pray for a miracle of business that each item what we sell should be a blessing to those who purchase them and by providing godly service to each and every customer.

We pray for you to provide the funds which need to operate my shop and bless me with the money to purchase the land so that I can build my own building for business.  We pray you to get the blessings for the family, well wishers and customers.  Please God,  guide me in all ways both in personal and business.  You are the only person who can do miracles in anyone’s life.  Be with us, guide us and bless us in all the possible ways.

We pray for a miracle of business, when we start with partnership firm,  We ask for the kind blessing to guide us on the way  to keep our hearts sincere and pure.  Please bless the fellow partners with the spirit of cooperation to resist the greedness and dishonest temptation.  So that all the partners of the firm will serve as graciously as  you serve us.