Best pocket hunting knife sharpeners to carve your prey’s heart out

There are many sharpeners for sharpening the blunt edge of your hunting or camping knives. But you may find the best pocket hunting knife sharpeners, and a comparison between them will help you choose the best for you. The knife sharpeners are the blades used to sharpen the edge of your small pocket knives. Earlier oils and stones were used for the purpose of sharpening the knives, but now the new sharpeners will help you in your work. These new and modern sharpeners work very effectively and easily for your favorite pocket knife. The reviews and the customer satisfaction level to all the following sharpeners will help you decide that which one will have the privileged to become your favorite tool for the hunt.

The tungsten carbide ceramic rod
The tungsten carbide ceramic rod
  1. The tungsten carbide ceramic rod

The reviews and features of the product can be summarized in the following points as a crisp look.


    • the blade is ceramic and coarse carbide material
    • The sharpening process is stable due to non-skidding base
    • Cross blades for quick setting
  • Sharp edge due to cross rod of ceramic
  • Angles and settings already configured for better performance


  • The sharpener size is quite small to fit in your pocket or tool kit
  • Can be easily handled
  • Works best on fillet material knives


The product can’t be termed as one of the best pocket hunting knife sharpeners because many users have found that it is not very effective in terms of quality and often fails to work any better than a sandstone paper.

  1. Lansky Quad share carbide/ceramic multi-angle knife sharpener

Nothing works better than a ceramic bench stone sharpener described as the below points.

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  • Chinese origin sharpener with four different sharpening angles
  • Ceramic bench stone is the base of product
  • 09 kg weight


  • very user-friendly
  • minimum efforts for good sharpening edges
  • easy to hold and handle
  • small in size requires less space
  • product quality and material are strong and reliable


The race for the best pocket hunting knife sharpeners has begun, and every sharpener wants to make its place. This Lansky sharpener is a good buy though but lacks proper instruction manual for the beginners.

  1. Smith’s PP1 pocket pal multifunctional Sharpener

The new Smith sharpener can be your helping hand in the next time hunt if you like the features of the pretty piece.


  • Diamond edge with a tapered finish
  • Blades of carbide
  • Sharpening angles already configured
  • Replaceable blades
  • Can work from both the edges


  • Works on almost all types of steel
  • Easy to hold and work with
  • Rods and blades for sharpening the edges and corners separately
  • Compact size gives the bonus point for this blade


As one might have worked with the best pocket hunting knife sharpeners, this one could give a bit tricky to use the method. The blades are of quite high quality, and this could be a problem to many new users. When used in the first place this sharpener gives a wavy edge cutting because of the extremely strong and effective blades which some people may not like.

  1. Accusharp 014C knife sharpener


  • Available in three different color choices
  • 13 kg weighing sharpener
  • Sharps many kinds of steel and knives
  • Diamond honed blades


  • Easy to grab and work with the knife
  • Quite reliable and durable product
  • Good choice for all professions and kinds of people
  • Rust free
  • Can be easily cleaned
  • Provided with a finger guard for extra safety
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As far people have used this knife sharpener as the best pocket hunting knife sharpeners they have ever got. There are no unsatisfied customers of this product, and people are very fond of this sharpener.  There seems to be no default in the product which could be considered as a con as per the people who have used this product or are still using the same for years.

Comparing the sharpeners

When you are comparing the four of the above products, it is very easy to make a guess that which could be the sweetest buy for you and your pretty knives. There are many sharpeners but comparing the above four it is easy to understand that the title to the best pocket hunting knife sharpeners is grabbed by the Accusharp 014CKnife sharpener. The tungsten carbide sharpener is no competition to any of the other three so is out of the race. The Smith PP1 sharpener proves out to be an okay deal but not quite popular. The Accusharp and Lansky holds a competition in terms of the quality and ease of use, and it is difficult to select one as the best of having an experience with both of them.

The comparison of the four products can be reviewed by making the Accusharp and Lansky as the holder for the popularity and fame. People have been buying these two and are quite impressed with the performance. While the two have minor problems, they can be resolved according to the why a person deals with them.

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The mightiest blade verdict

In the race of the best pocket hunting knife sharpeners, there are many reviews and feedback given by the people who are used to hunting or any other act then requires a sharp edge blade. The paper test is what most of the knives fail, but the Accusharp 014C knife sharpener can never fail this test. The Lansky is also a tough sharpener, and it could sharpen the blades enough precisely to tear out the flesh of you.

The other knives are not considered by many people and proved to be not very worthy of the best knife title. The market is flooded with Accusharp and Lansky, and people prefer them for gifting to their hunting mates. The best pocket hunting knife sharpeners can be the one from Accusharp. It has all the features of becoming the best sharpener with durability and good sharpening blades. The Sharpener has no doubt ruled the market. The Accusharp will turn out to be a great deal for all the hunting knife lovers.