Build your dream city with City Skylines Mass Transit

Working all day long can be boring, and can smothering your daily life. You always want to get out of it. In the real world, it is not possible to forget about the tension you have, but the virtual world offers you this facility. With the modernization of technology, you get to know the virtual world and the games in it. You can play them when you have free time. These games help to build up your patience level, and you can forget about the tension you have in your daily life. It is like taking the break from the drama of your regular life and spending some good time forgetting about the reality.


City Skylines Mass Transit
City Skylines Mass Transit

About the game

If you want to indulge yourself in something that will satisfy your dream at least virtually, then the City Skylines: Mass Transit is the game for you. You would certainly like to know about the game to play on your PS4, and it is about building the city.

You will get to help the citizen commute by various mediums, and by doing that you will earn money. With the help of the resources, you will get the ability to build the city, and add various features.

The commuters

The citizens of your city need to commute every day, and you will be the one, who will help them do that. But before that, you have to know about the various mediums by which you can complete this task.

  • You will find some citizens who would like to travel via water, and you have the ferry to make their journey smooth.
  • For fast travel, your city has the monorails, by which you can income a lot of money, as your citizen will like this medium of transport.
  • There are also cable cars available, and that will also be helpful for the general people.
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With the help of this idea, you can build new roads and mass transit hubs. In this particular spot, the exchange of the passengers would be a lot easier. Setting new landmarks and scenarios are the best part of this game, and this is where you will get the opportunity to extend the barrier of your city. The locality will grow, and you will be able to show off our progress to your competitors. You have to use the right Game code PC if you are using the personal computer to play the game.

The features you would like to know

When you are planning to play this game on your PS4 or use the Game code PC for your computer, then it would be wise for you to know about its feature. This will help you to play in a better way.

  • In this version of this game, you will earn money by letting the citizen’s travel. You need to increase the transit option to add more wealth to your gaming account, and this is what helps you to build more roads, and transport options, making new strategies, and build up the city. You just need to let the citizens get transversely the city by ferries, monorails, cable cars and blimps.
  • You will get to operate the mass transit hubs, where you can bring each and every service of yours together. The citizen can get into the bus from the ferry, or change the rail lines, while being present in the building, and catch the monorail or the cable car that runs through the city.
  • You will be in charge of the city, and you need to take care of the whole land. You have to build up parks, and caring for the residential area. You will get complaints from the citizens, and you have to work accordingly. You need to improve their lifestyle, and as you progress, new kinds of computation medium will open up for you.
  • The commuters can visit any place from high mountain peak to the land near the water, and you are the one, who is responsible for taking care of their travel.
  • Your city will bring you the challenges. You have to take care of the flow of the traffic, and as the city grows, you need to make sure that you build enough roads and enough transportation for them, to avoid the complaints.
  • By completing the task, you will be able to unlock the ability to build new buildings, and that is how your city will grow.
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The requirements

When you are indulging yourself in this game, then you have to know about the requirement, so that, you can start playing the game.

  • With the 4GB RAM and dual-core processor, this game will be playable.
  • 0GHz and a hard disk that has a minimum of 4 GB space will be ideal for you.
  • For the Personal computer users, you can play it if you have at least Windows XP as your operating system.
  • You can also use PS4 or Xbox one to play this game.
  • If you are playing on your personal computer, then you will need Game code PC.

Where to find the game?

If you think that you will love to play this game in your Xbox one, then you can think about buying this game. Make sure to read all the details before you read all the reviews of the customer, before purchasing. The game shop near you can be help in this case. You will also learn new things about this game, while you are buying it.

You can always trust the online store for this purpose. The game shop can run out of this at any time, but you will always find the game in the online stores. You even can apply your coupon or get them in the sale, to play on your Xbox one. Before you can purchase it, you have to make your mind up about the device, in which you want to play that game so that you can check if you have all the requirements or not, and you can learn to use the device for that particular game.