Certified Refurbished Amazon Fire TV with Alexa Voice Remote Review

The Fire TV from Amazon comes with support for very high 4K Ultra HD picture quality. You can watch 1080p HD streams on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video and many more, and not need a 4K TV for the same. Certified Refurbished Amazon Fire TV with Alexa Voice Remote comes from online retail giant Amazon. Find out why the product is worth picking up over other competing devices that exist today on the market.

Certified Refurbished Amazon Fire TV with Alexa Voice Remote Review
Certified Refurbished Amazon Fire TV with Alexa Voice Remote Review

High Quality Streaming

You can get streaming capability in 4K Ultra HD format, which can offer a truly world class TV-watching experience. Many customers like Fire TV for the 1080p, high quality streaming that is available from Amazon Video. The certified and refurbished Fire TV has support for High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). You can get around 2 times greater video encoding efficiency than the industry standard that exists at present. The picture quality is really true to life.

You can stream the shows of your choice simultaneously as they are broadcast with CBS News, NBA Gametime and much more. There is the option to watch live TV along with Sling TV that comprises of HGTV, CNN, Food Network and more.


Customers love the higher power that comes this time. There is 75% higher processing power, as compared to the Fire TV of the prior generation, due to the latest quad-core processor. There is super fast streaming, seamless gaming, instant search results and responsive interface due to a dedicated graphics engine and faster processor in the device.


There is 2GB internal memory in the device. You can also get expandable storage cards, or microSD cards, to take up the memory as high as 128 GB. You will need more storage space, considering how many 4K Ultra HD movies are available here. From Moneyball, Captain Phillips and other blockbuster movies to Orphan Black and other popular TV shows, The Way We Were and other classic films. Amazon Video is constantly witnessing new titles being added. You can also stream House of Cards and other popular Netflix shows as well as Amazon Original Series shows like Man in the High Castle, Transparent and Catastrophe.

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Voice Service

The Voice Remote that comes with Fire TV also lets you search for TV shows, genres, actors, movies etc with your own voice. Voice Search, which is quite popular for web browsers such as Chrome, is completely supported in game catalog, app, music and video of Amazon, along with Starz, Showtime, Crackle, HBO GO and Hulu. However, the voice search does not directly work within Netflix and other individual applications. Fact is, you can use Alexa, the cloud-based popular voice service here. With Alexa, you can voice search for weather updates, sports scores, music, solutions to questions and much more. Results are instantly displayed.

Many users feel that Alexa gets more intelligent as it is used. Alexa is built into the cloud and it adapts itself to the personal preferences, speech pattern and vocabulary of users. New features for the voice service are continuously being released round the clock.