Elevate your gaming spirit with the surge and prey

For the gamers, it is important to satisfy the gaming spirit. The games which have the element of science fiction attract the gamers. The quality of the graphics makes you feel like you are present at the situation. These games normally have stories behind it, and you have to act accordingly. Action games are not only a play thing, but it will help you satisfy your thirst for action.

surge and prey
surge and prey

About the surge

The surge is a game, which will deliver you both action and science fiction elements. For the layman, it is about fighting the robots, which brings the catastrophe in the complex. At the beginning of the game, you will be provided with the story line, so that, you can play accordingly. New and advanced weapons will help you to win the fight over.

The requirements

If you are determined to play the game, then you should make yourself aware of the minimum requirement of this game. It is both recommended and required to have the operating system of Windows 7 or 8 or 10, with 64 bit. Although you can play the game with 8 GB ram of your device, but if you want the gaming process to be smooth then you should play it with the 16 GB ram.

The processor is 3, 5 GHz will do, but it will be better to use the 3, 6 GHz. The most important part of the game is to possess a stable internet connection, which will help to load the game.

The game

Collecting the tech scraps is important, as this will help you to build more and upgrade, and from where do you get the tech scrap? You get them from the combats of course. This combat gives you the opportunity to plan out your strategy. You cannot rush in combats. You need o carefully notice the weak points of your enemy and then strike.

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The dynamic system of targeting will help you to strike at the weakest points of the enemy when the time is right. When you dismiss them, you will get the chance to collect the loot. The loot will be useful for you when you need to upgrade.

The weapons

Now the most important factor of the game is a weapon. You will be provided with multiple weapons. These will upgrade as you move further in the game. Some of them allow you to gain energy. The ASTir spectreBite is single-rigged but will give you high impact. The speed may be low, but it will give you 55% of energy gain, with 31 unit of damage. The titan is the heavy duty and most trusted one with the medium attack speed; it will provide you with high impact and high proficiency scaling. You can gain 30% of energy is you use ASTir Vibro-Cutter, and you will get 20 units of damage. For the weak opponent, you can always use the YOSUKE Butterfly. Along with other weapons, you will get a navigator, which will direct you to the right path.

The armour

When you are battling against the toughest of the enemies, the chances of your survival depends on your weapon and armor. You will get the rig. The rig can be leveled up when the power of the core will increase, as this armor gets its energy from the core. For the industrial work that you will do inside of the complex, the CREO will provide you with exo-suit. There are many segments of that; you can choose according to your work and play style. It can give you superhuman energy, and protect you from opponent’s attack, including toxic spills.

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About the prey

When you are into the action games, there is one more game you can indulge into. You can try playing the prey. This action adventure packed game has the ability to satisfy your adventure loving mind. With the awesome graphics, the game will take you experience to a whole new level.

About the game

The plot of the game is in future, which is 2032. The whole game is circulating around the space. It is about a space station, which is orbiting the moon. This is about altering the humankind, and as a role player, you are the subject of experimenting. Now the space station is swamped with aliens, and you are at risk. They are hunting you, and you need to protect yourself and stay alive.

The features

You have to know about the feature if you want to play the game. In this way, you will understand more about the game, and that will elevate your interest.

  • The element of thriller strikes, when you are the main character, and you have a quest in front of you. You have to gather the clues and find out about the past so that you can survive in future.
  • The space station is named Talos, and it is orbiting the moon. There are a number of hidden places to discover, and secret doorways. These will help you survive and gather the clues.
  • What makes the game more exciting, it is the presence of the extraterrestrial. They are at the space station to hunt you. You are the only one left at the station, and you have to find the method of surviving, for the sake of the humankind. These creatures are deadly and will omit you at sight.
  • The way of surviving is to play with your wits. You will gain special abilities, and you have to implement them to eliminate the threats that lurking in your head. The space station will contain many things, such as gadgets and blueprint, and you need to use them as the element of your survival.
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The requirements

When you are planning to play this game, then you have to make sure that you know the requirements. With the help of Window 7, 8 or 10, you will be able to play it. 8GB of RAM will give you a good speed. Besides that, make sure you have 20 GB of free space on your device.

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