Glory GFH-42 Professional 4 Keys of FBb Double French horn with Case and accessory Review

Glory GFH-42 Professional 4 Keys of F/Bb Double French horn with Case and Accessory comes from the brand GLORY. This is a double French horn with 4 keys and has an Intermediate Key. It comes in a Double Key color and has an unblemished finish. If you have been in search of a good horn in F range, this might be one to consider. Read and know why this is so, and get full information about the main features of this horn, along with its pros and cons.


  • This is a 4-key Double French horn and has a wonderful sound. This is a finely tuned instrument and no tuner is required for tuning it again.
  • It can be played easily and is ideal for students who are just learning to play. This Double French Horn with F/Bb key, and has been recommended and approved by teachers,
  • This is a regular French horn which is perfect for students who are beginners. Prior to delivery, this horn has been professionally inspected for quality and it has been verified that it matches the standards.
  • This is a lightweight product, and can easily be transported by consumers. It weighs 14.5 pounds and measures 21.1 x 18.2 x 12.6 inches in dimensions.
  • The horn comes with a bell at the top which can be detached, and it can stand up well enough. Even without the bell, the instrument can be played properly. Taking off the bell reduces the weight of the horn even more, thus allowing easier transportation.


  • This horn in F range is of superior quality and comes at an affordable cost. Most of the buyers have been happy with the purchase of this product, and loved the quality of the horn. Those looking for a good affordable horn range can try this product, which is easy on the eye and friendly to the pocket.
  • Although it has been designed to be a perfect brass instrument for learners, even those with a music degree and some amount of professional experience in music have loved the Glory GFH-42 Professional 4 Keys of F/Bb Double French horn with Case and Accessory and appreciated it. For best results, some have recommended the use of a Farkas MC mouthpiece.
  • Most consumers have mentioned that it is easy to maintain this device. One just has to clean and keep it well oiled for making it function properly. It has a good case, and keeping it stored properly is not an issue.
  • The smooth sound quality of the horn has been much appreciated. The tone of the horn is of high quality, and replicates the feel of professional grade horns despite not being one. This is one of the prime reasons why it is being recommended by so many music teachers to their students.
  • Some buyers have used it for auditions in college bands, and they have praised the device for being able to help them in the effort. Whether as a school instrument or as a basic college level instrument, it stands up pretty well. Heavy, professional grade experience might not be expected from it, but it is quite capable of offering a satisfactory, basic-level musical experience. Those without any prior experience of playing a horn can benefit from it and would love to use the device.
  • There are no issues with the keys with short-term playing. In other words, there are no sticky key issues when you play the horn for a small time. For learners who are starting with a brass instrument, extended playing is not usually an option.
  • This is a durable product and can be transported easily from one place to another without any concerns of breakage. A number of buyers have reported of being able to carry the horn along with them to school performances or parties, without getting the product broken.
  • It can be used as a gift item or for personal use. It can be presented to friends, co-workers and other recipients who appreciate music and love to decorate their homes with stylish showpieces. The smooth, golden finish makes it perfect for any home and can make any ambience look more gorgeous with its mere presence.
  • Before being sold to buyers, it is tuned properly. Thus, buyers do not have to tune it once again. A quality inspector tests each of these horns prior to delivery and ensures that all the quality standards are satisfied before sales are conducted. This helps ensure a flawless performance for players or buyers, which is generally a rare experience in this horn range.
  • It has a pretty good sound, and playing it more and more helps improve the intonation. A number of professional players have reported that there is a fall in quality with extended playing in a single session, but the performance is more or less uniform over many months with short sessions.
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Some buyers have mentioned that using the horn for a prolonged duration can make the keys slower. The valve can get sticky, and there can be a noticeable fall in the quality of sound. Also, the detachable bell can be slightly difficult to screw and unscrew. It has to be kept in mind that this is not a professional-grade device. It is meant for music enthusiasts who want the feel of a professional horn but lack the budget or skills to buy and use a real horn like a pro.


All points considered, the Glory GFH-42 Professional 4 Keys of F/Bb Double French horn with Case and Accessory is a good product to buy. Despite a couple of weak points, it comes across as a good buy. It has been designed to help beginners in music learn how to play a brass instrument and should be used as a learner’s device. It is better to buy and use it keeping its limited functionality in mind, and there will not be any dissatisfaction with the product. As an instrument for learners, it has been appreciated by many consumers and is worth a buy.

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