Here is the need about how to make a miracle prayer

God is one who has created everything in the world.  As a creator, almighty can have anything and he can do anything for us.  God gives you anything at the same time he can take anything which he desires from you.  The miracle can happen only by your sincere prayers.  The desire of God to bless you financially sound. Everyone prays you when we are in need of something.

Many of them are praying for a new job, money to pay bills, to clear debts, pay fees for college or tuition for further education of your daughter, to do wedding of the daughter,  to start a business venture or any type of financial need. The miracle of prayer may reach the God tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or longer.  We can’t predict when you are blessed.  But think positively one day or the other you will get all your financial needs.

Sometimes you do not understand why your prayer seems unanswered or you may not understand why the burden was not lifted off your shoulder or why your family is suffering or taken away from you.  But someday all your problems will be solved, just you need to wait. We need a miracle prayer for the finance, which may come your way the soonest.  We should not ask you for more than what we need.  And even some of them will pray to clear all the mortgage loans.   The few tips how your financial miracle prayers are answered

Pay your Tithes and offering:  The tithes mean one tenth of annual earnings are formerly taken as a tax for the support of the church.   We are the children of God’s kingdom, so it’s your duty pay tithes of your income.  Most of them are not ready to pay and they believe that tithing ended in the olden days.  To be frank,  they are mistaken.  When you don’t make tithes, then you are robbing everything.

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When we fail to pay tithe as a result,  you experience the financial hardship and it also affects the other parts of your lives like health, family, business, etc.  For example.  When you want to clear debts and you don’t have money.  At the same time you can’t take loan again to clear the old debts.  We pray for a miracle  and it happens  in anyway, when God touches the heart of the bank manager to write off the debts.

Love and forgiveness:  You should love and forgive everyone.  The Almighty command is to love anyone and everyone.  Everyday you hear a terrible news on television, terrible things in online about conflicts, war  and people hating each other.  Before you pray for a miracle to get out of your financial crisis, you need to reconcile all your enemies.  Sometimes your relatives had created a financial problem for you.   Still,  you should forgive all sins which are made against you by your relative or enemies.  But you should genuinely love everyone.  Try to recognize them in your heart as your well wisher or part of the family.  As long as you forgive them the healing starts.

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