How Can Prayer Turn Into Future Miracles

The prayer is the practice of the presence of God.  A prayer is a place where pride is abandoned, hope is lifted and a petition is made.  The past prayers are not wasted, it will turn into future miracles in your life.  When you turn your struggles into service, you need to invite the god to work and to do miracles in your life.

Prayer is the exercise of faith and hope.  Prayer is a privilege of touching the heart of the God.   Miracles can’t happen in a single day.  God is known as the source of love and he created many loving angels to answer your prayers.  Have faith in your work to get better results in the near future.  Sometimes you do not understand why your prayer seems unanswered or you may not understand why the burden was not lifted off your shoulder or why your family is suffering or taken away from you.

But all your problems will be solved on someday, just you need to wait.  We need a miracle prayer for the finance, which may come your way the soonest.  We should not ask you for more than what we need. The miracle can happen only by your sincere prayers.  Everyone prays God when you are in need of something.

When any bad happens to you, don’t stop prayers for God’s help and move to discouragement.  If the same problem or situation doesn’t change for a longer period of time.  Keep on praying and  hold the Almighty promises and fight to see your enemies in this fallen world.  One day or the other in the near future you will see the miracles.  So be positive and persistent, until God gives you the answers.  Don’t give up the prayer for a particular situation until God’s power comes into it.

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Sometimes we ignore prayer, when our problems are not solved.  Those people should bow their knees, confess their sin, receive God’s forgiveness and beg with the Lord to solve all their issues.  God loves his children and knows  what is best for us and others.  We pray God for legitimate requests for healing, needs, but the answer to our requests are very late.

Be faith in God, surely a miracle happens and you will get answers from him.  At the time of your college days, you need to wait for the results after each exam.  But waiting is a very difficult process, but still you need to wait to get the money.

There is nothing to hide in the petition and our supplication should reach the God to solve our needs and failures.  The other benefit of prayer, the supplication and requests can be known to God. Today’s prayer will become a miracle for the future.

Try to communicate and share your feelings with God about your problems, happiness and sorrows, when you feel to give up the prayer, ask the Almighty to help you.  Perseverance and patience are very important tool in any human activity, with the help of them it is very difficult to cross the edge of your life.