I’m Pulling Back The Curtains And Showing You How To Reapply When You Did Not Get A Job At First Time

Everyone knows the famous quote “Try, try, try, until you succeed”.  If you did not get through in an interview for the first, try again and again until you reach the destination of success.  But most of the people (I am one among them) don’t try for the job, once they fail in an interview.  For example, even same thing happened with me.  I cracked an interview in Digi captions which is a leading supplier of digital distribution  post production services. But I am not able to succeed in the interview and after 3 months I got a call from the company for the same position, still I didn’t attend an interview.  Please friends don’t do like me, try to apply and attend an interview again to the same company.  Just you need to work out on your additional skills, do research where you have gone wrong in the previous interview and approach an interview with the different angle.  So wait for some time and get prepared to face an interview, don’t reapply right away without working on your skills.  Make a list and work out on all necessary changes like in resume, cover letter, interview style and presentation of yourself. Try to use the time wisely :

1.Understand the gap in the previous application:  Try to figure out what exactly made you fail in an interview for the first time.  There are many reasons like submitting the application or resume too late or forget to include the necessary attachment such as skills.  If you are rejected for lack of knowledge, focus on things where you have gone wrong and try to understand the gap on your application. On which things or points you are supposed to work out.  This ideal information comes from the contacts of the company itself.  If you don’t have contacts, then look inward.  You should know the number of experience needed or try to make research, did you present yourself in the right way and at the right time for an interview and understand the company’s culture and language.

  1. Make a connection or look for a new connection: Try to make connect or reconnect with someone at the company. You have done this before, but the focus should change. Know everything about their role, background, their recruitment process and what the company looks at the employees.  By asking these questions with the contacts, you will get a great idea to make the changes.
  2. Follow up: Follow up the HR manager or hiring manager who is involved in the original hiring process. In your follow up, try to remind him of your application, share the new skills which you have acquired and repeat your passion about the company.
  3. Think outside the box: When you are attending second time be bold and creative enough to stand out from other applicants. Remember, you don’t only have to compete with other job hunters, but also with yourself and pervious application.