Praying for Miracle? First learn to have unsighted faith on God

Most of us believe in praying only when we are trapped in something, getting out of which doesn’t seem to be thinkable without having almighty’s hand over our head. However, that can never be called a true prayer because by memorizing God only during rough times you pass on the message of being selfish only and nothing else. Visualize a close friend of your (in your eyes), who only recalls your friendship when he is stuck with a problem. Is he really worth of calling a close one or even a friend? In the same way, to receive true kindness of God, the requirement is to leave yourself completely on him, without having even a slightest doubt on his deeds.

Have you ever wondered about the sentiments or feelings that can only be felt with God? If not then read below, you might be enforced to think for a second:

  • The Pure & Sacred love: Love that is received by God is the only true feeling without any selfish purpose. Whether you agree or not, there are selfish reasons in every relation, you maintain. Whatever good you do for God, he always returns much more than that.
  • The Unbiased treatment: No person is big or small in front of God, there only your deeds can make you or break you. The amount of money you had earned by fair or unfair means can never save you from being punished if wrong.
  • A place where you never have to hide behind masks: The world at times forces you to wear different masks because it’s not so easy to survive here, but a session with almighty is the only place where you can totally become yourself, without hiding. As whether you say something or not, he understands and knows everything.
  • Power of Prayer: Money can never do miracles but prayers can, such is the power of it. Prayer doesn’t always mean that you have to ask for something that fulfils your desires only. A true prayer is something that asks for well-being of other also, at that moment may it be a prayer for miracle, God always listens and answers to it.
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If your prayers are going unanswered, don’t blame God for it. Just sit and try to discover what’s going wrong. You will soon realize where you are lagging behind. Instead of any other feeling, always retain the confidence and love for God in your heart and all of your prayers will be answered.

God’s place is not like that hospital where you throw your money and your illness is treated with maximum priority, but the only fees that is acceptable here is the affection and belief on God.

Miracles do happen, God can only make them happen and you will soon realize that. So next time when you pray for a miracle, have trust that God is listening and he is always there for you.