Prey video game review – Intriguing or Exhausting?

Introducing Prey game for PC

It’s spring already, and 2017 seems like an extremely promising year in terms of gaming. There have been quite a few excellent titles already this year, and we are itching for a few more. What would you get if you mix Bioshock and System Shock along with a bit of Dishonored and Deus-Ex? The answer to that is the game we have on our hands that are Prey.

Prey video game review
Prey video game review

If you are looking to buy Prey on steam, then you should probably know about how the game is right? And that is exactly what you are about to find out here. Here is a brief description of everything you want to and need to know about this game in general.


The graphics for this game will remind of something like Dishonoured. After all, both these games are made by the same studio: Arkane Studios. As such, the similarities in design and technicality are pretty expected, to be honest. Every single aspect of the graphics feels like it has a cutting edge. And it’s not just about the high definition textures consisting of tonnes of poly-count in it.

The overall atmosphere of the game is something that feels very clean and organic from top to bottom. And that is something which can be said for this game on all platforms, including the PC, PS4 and also the Xbox One. The overall graphics can be summed in one single phrase: Clean visuals with odd and intriguing circumstances. Performance wise, however, we recommend the Prey game for Xbox one, but we’ll come to that later on.

Level Design

This is one aspect of games that Arkane Studios seems to have mastered. If you have played Dishonoured 1 and/or 2, you will know exactly what that means. The seemingly linear path of gameplay is misguiding as you unlock more and more areas to travel here and there. It is the beautiful way that each level opens itself up to the next tone which makes Prey a masterpiece in terms of game design.

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But it doesn’t end there. The way they have devised this game, you can make your approach in any way you want. A single objective has multiple ways of being solved and discovering those different possibilities makes this game an instant addition to your wish list. This is the true shining light in this game which is overall an absolute gem, to begin with.

Sound Design

There is nothing to say about the sound design that has not been said already. From the very beginning, it has an eerie ambience to the whole thing which gives this game a certain horror vibe at times without taking it balls deep into the genre. This subtlety in background score is what completes the overall atmosphere created by the game along with the impressive graphics.

But that is not to say that Prey 2017 game is absolutely flawless. And some of the flaws exist in the sound design.

  • For instance, some cut scenes do not have proper sound while there is a bit of jittering in some dialogues as well.
  • Also in some places, blatant use of tension inducing background score gives away the secret of impending doom that is about to befall the player, and that can be immersion breaking at times.

However, these issues are few and far between and do not take away from the overall experience that this game has to offer. The voice acting is also on point with pretty much everyone involved.

Prey gameplay

Now moving on to the main meat of any game and why you should be looking to Buy Prey digital in the first place, the gameplay. As you know, this is a first-person shooter game with a tonne of RPG elements added in like System Shock and Deus Ex.

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You start off as a scientist in your own apartment much like in Gordon Freeman fashion and soon find your way into a space station where an alien being has found its way in. The technical department of this game in making it feel organic is incomparable. Every single object lying around can be interacted with, big or small adding to the immersion.

Over time, you move on from having a simple wrench to the most interesting of guns in your arsenal. Amongst all of the guns, the shotgun feels the strongest. Not to mention you can easily miss some hidden guns located in shady areas which you need to discover by moving around.

Another great aspect of the Prey Xbox 360 game is the enemies you need to face, the best of which is, without a doubt, the mimics. Their speciality is that they can turn into any other object in the living room, thus disguising them from you. As such, each time you turn around, you will find yourself looking minutely at even a seemingly harmless cup placed on the table.


  • Excellent graphics
  • Great level design
  • Intriguing soundtrack
  • Full of hours’ worth of content
  • Varied gameplay


  • Mainline story can be lacking
  • Some uncalled for crashes on PC
  • Few sound glitches
  • Spike in difficulty can be too much

Overall Verdict on Prey Digital Download

For those who want to know about How to play Prey game and what to expect from it, hopefully, the above things can help you out. To put it in short, this is a great game and something every gamer should have in their collection. Do keep in mind, however, to get the Prey – PlayStation 4 version because it is probably the best of all the 3.

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The PC version has a few problems here and there that need to be patched out. The most notorious one is without question the save glitch that we have experienced once or twice. So do keep that in mind. That being said however does buy it even if it is later on sometime when it is on sale at a certain discount. And that is pretty much all if you are looking to Buy Prey game code. An overall score of 8/10 definitely does the game justice. League of Legends is one of the most popular online games. Therefore, many people want to buy a lol account from to join in on the experience. A lol account can offer many benefits and make the gameplay more immersive

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