Satisfy you gaming spirit with Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition

Who does not like sci-fi movies? This gives you the sense outside the reality. With the help of this kind of show, you will be able to forget all the work pressure you have and concentrate on the other side of the reality. There are some of the series made by one of the biggest production houses in the world that give you the feeling of being in the outer space. Star Wars is one of them. Both young and the adults love the series.

Star Wars Han Solo Figure

When any movies or series becomes popular, you will find many things adhered to it. This is when people want their goods to be connected with the series somehow. There are organizations, or the production company of the series itself, who try to make this idea as one of their profitable business.

As this movie is based on science fiction, Disney introduces the gameplay to satisfy the gamer in you. Keeping the popularity in mind, Disney comes up with the infinity 3.0. It is an action packed and adventurous video game, and it supported by various operating systems. So it does not matter which operating system you use, you will always be able to play this game. If you are a gamer who also loves World of Warcraft, Why spend time on the boring grinding process or farming, when you can simply buy WoW Shadowlands Gold.

Han Solo Disney Infinity

As this is about science fiction movie, there will be audience from all range. The kids especially love this kind of series. This is why the goodies are popular among them. Besides the regular goodies, they love the figure.

If the movie is science fiction, then the game relate to the movie will a go to. If you and your kinds think that you cannot get enough of the movie, then be sure you can satisfy yourself by playing the game.

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You have to choose the character you like, and then buy the game. You will get the figure inside the box. When you start playing, you will see the character has a typical tonne of Disney cartoon. You can control your figure’s movement, and shoot the target with the close range weapon you will be provided with. The picture quality is superb, and you will experience a whole new level of gaming.

Disney Infinity 3.0 can solo gameplay

  • With the package, you can get one web code card, which will help you to start the game. If you have PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One or Apple TV, then you can easily play the game. The figure you choose while buying the box will be the character of your game.
  • You can be the character virtually, and fight with your opposition. This game can make you forget about the tension you face in your everyday life. You will adhere to the game, and satisfy the gamer in you.
  • You get the opportunity to use the weapon virtually. This is the most attractive part of this game. The light saber, which is the trademark of this series, will be available for you. The weapons, which can be used in the short distance, will be available to play with. You will be given the option from which you can choose the ones you like to win the fight.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Chewbacca

If you choose Chewbacca as your character to play the game, then you should know how it is controlled. When you start the game with this character, then you will see that Chewbacca comes with the spaceship, and after landing it properly, he will be reported that vehicle.

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Among his weapons, you will get the laser gun, which shoots the enemy in no time. Besides that, you will be introduced to multiple of Chewbacca’s abilities. Concerning the movie, you will get the strength, alongside with the ability to punch and smack. He can dodge, which comes in handy while defending.

The ground pound power has the capability of smashing the opposition. With the help of the skill tree, you can increase the health boost limit. Before you start playing, you need to check whether he has mid-air recovery. He can push the enemy in his close range and can attack a particular target.

Disney Infinity obi wan

When you play with obi wan, then you will get a lightsaber to attack your opponent. The best part of this character is his defence. If you are playing the game, with this character, concentrate on the Jedi defence, and then you can use the light saber.

Disney Infinity Princess Leia

While the slide is her speciality, she can do well with the dodges too. Princess Leia’s main weapon is the pistol. The character comes with some amazing stunts. The high kick and the low sweeps are favourite among the people. When in need, she calls the droids that are R2 and D2 to help her.

Luke Skywalker Disney Infinity

Most of the Star Wars fans go for the Luke Skywalker. This character carries around a blast pistol. He can do the force focus, and with this attack, he can target a single point, and then comes the powerful attack. If you are opting for this character then you will notice, with this mode, the pistol will be replaced by the Force Dash, the power of which can be elevated.

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When you upgrade the Force Focus, you will get a new defence posture of his. He can now hold the light saber over his head, which will repel the close range attacks and blaster fire.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Darth Vader

Darth Vader is one of the most preferred characters to play with. Among the abilities, Darth Vader can use force push. The block of this particular character is especially powerful. To move your character quickly, you can use Force Jump. He can also use the Force Choke to finish off his enemies.

Disney Infinity Boba Fett

If you are someone, who loves speed, then Boba Fett is the one for you. This character is known for his speed, and the jet pack launcher adds extra coolness to this character. With short Range Rocket launcher, this character can easily finish off the enemy on sight. Breaking the defences is easy for Boba. If you buy this, you will love to use the Air Assault.

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