Secret Things You Should Know Before You Talk With A Headhunter

When you are looking for a new job or for a call from a headhunter which brings excitement about the potential opportunities.  If you are successful and happy in your present job, a call from the headhunter will give the promise for future growth in the career or job.  But when you talk with the headhunter which obstructs the chances of landing a job.

There are many things which you should know about the headhunter before you call them.  There are two categories of headhunters.   When a headhunter calls you find out which category they belong to.

Headhunters who are hired by the companies to help them and to develop the hiring and leading the process of recruitment inside the company and outside in order to find out the right person for a right position are known as “retained search firms”.  They actually work as a consultant to the company.  These types of headhunter are hired by the company and their payment is paid by the company itself.

The second category of headhunters who are aware of open positions and they approach the companies with the candidates who, they feel they may meet the skills for a specific position.  The second category of headhunters is “contingency search firms”.  These contingency search firms are paid only when the candidates are hired by the company and their payment is usually on a percentage of the annual salary of the candidate they have helped to fill.

Headhunters in retained search firms make an advertisement for a position, but in common way they select the candidate by reviewing resumes in the database of industry leaders who maintain or by calling the industry leaders to see someone who have an interest in the particular position. Just by the conversation through phone they can identify their skills, general information about them and for which domain they are looking.   After the completion of phone interviews, they conduct in person interviews.  After making the list of semi-finalists, they present the three or four persons or candidates to the company who meet the particular criteria and atlast the company leaders or HR’s of the company will make the final interview and select the candidate who is best among them.

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When you talk with the headhunter who is working for a retained search firm, you can believe and trust them because the person to whom you are talking is working for a particular company and they are not trolling for the candidate for a specific position.  Where in case of contingency search firms are unknown headhunters.  The headhunter in a retained search firm presents the candidate for a particular position, even if you are a weak candidate for a specific position and much stronger candidate is required for that position.  They will not present the same candidate to any other client until the first search of the position is completed.

The contingency firm, you don’t have an assurance or guarantee that the candidate will get an opportunity to present your application or resume for a specific position.  When a contingency recruiter calls a company and tell them that they are having the candidate who reach or meet the criteria for a specific position, the company may not wish to pay their percentage of payment on your annual salary if you are hired.

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