Seeking for a miracle? Is your prayer for miracle strong enough to reach there?

A prayer made by true heart always reaches up to the God and the same is always answered. To make the strongest bond with God, the must is faith on him, just like an infant, who is completely unaware of the world, have faith on his mother that no matter what happens she will never let him get hurt.

This world is full of self-centered people who are linked up with each other for selfish purposes. Here money is the only thing that can fulfill most of your desires. Being poor here is a crime that always makes you suffer. In such a world, the true moments spent with God are the only ones where you had actually lived without getting prejudiced feeling because here only your deeds matter, not the amount of money you retain in your bank account.

You may ask why one should keep faith in God, it’s because:

  • God never do partiality between his children (all of us). Every person who is created by him is equal for him. God doesn’t care if you are a middle class man, a billionaire or a person who hardly earn two time’s food. These are only the thoughts of humankind that creates a difference between people in the name of religion, status and other things. Only your deeds decide good or bad with you in that sacred world
  • Occurrence of a miracle is a big thing, but if your faith on God is strong and your prayer for miracle is true and sacred, nothing can stop the miracle from happening. No one else then God, can save you at the time of distress.
  • When you are in front of God, you can be truly yourself, without carrying the burden of becoming someone else you actually are not
  • God never leaves your hand even at the worst phase of your life. He is the only savior of your boat at the time of hurricane. Your spouse may stop loving you, friends may cheat you, kids may leave you, relatives may look for you only when needed, but God will never allow you to be alone even if you will blame him for everything
  • When you are completely free from any doubts on the almighty, everything seems to be positive. You understand the reason why somethings is happening and can always see the reason behind it.
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Therefore instead of getting worried for small things in such a small life, just live it to the fullest taking everything positively.

Don’t blame him if few of your prayers or a prayer for miracle goes unanswered. Try to understand the reason behind it. He, who is the creator of universe have much more wisdom then you, to decide what is good for you.

Just continue with your good deeds and you will never have to ask for anything from him because if you will not ask for more than required, he will never give you less then what you asked for.