Squier by Fender P Bass Beginner Guitar Pack, Butterscotch Blonde Review

The Squier by Fender P Bass Beginner Guitar Pack, Butterscotch Blonde comes from the brand Fender. The guitar pack comes with a wonderful design and an amazing electric bass. Read the full review to know about the beginner guitar pack, and find out why it deserves to be picked up.


This is a low-cost guitar with a straight and smooth neck. The fenders of the guitar come with longer necks and although it is quite clunky in appearance, the pack is good enough to buy. It has a clear butterscotch finish and the black pickguard is solid. The style of the bridge is similar to Fender vintage, and there are high quality strings. Although the strings are perfect for beginners, they lack the punch. After the bridge is set up, it is nicely tuned up. It has a nice quality for a beginner and is perfect for anyone who wants a beginner guitar pack within a budget.

Sound Quality

The instrument comes with an amazing sound quality. It has a 15 amp Rumble that lets users plug an MP3 in to back tracks or jam along with the songs that you love. You can get pure Fender bass tone. There is the amp and a P-Bass, along with a rugged enclosure, a strong 8-inch speaker, 15 W power and controls that are convenient to use. The bass amp and the electric bass were invented by Fender more than 60 years ago, and it has become the global standard for bass tone. The Fender Rumble 15 combo is an ideal practice amp for all types of bass players.

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The kit ensures a wonderful performance, and boasts of fantastic quality. There is an amazing instructional DVD that can make users familiar with the beginner guitar pack. It contains some simple lessons. The instrument has a low price, and can be ideal for beginners as well as experienced jammers. It has enough amp and boasts of wonderful sound quality. It has a sound Fender guitar cable, and the size is perfect to make the gig bag store well under the bed. You can enjoy different tones – ranging from country to rock to jazz to punk. There is tone control, volume, 3 way switch and 2 classic single coil pickups.

Ease of Use

The tone and design of the electric bass makes it powerful and pure, and packs in a lot of value, sound and style. The bend strings and chord come with a lot of ease and offer comfort. It has a sophisticated 9.5 fingerboard radius, C-shaped neck with satin finish from Tele and 21 medium-sized jumbo frets.


The beginner guitar pack comes with a number of accessories, such as strap, cable, gig bag and electronic tuner. There is also an instructional DVD that helps you to understand how to use the instruments. The guitar pack is offered with a 5 year warranty, and is perfect for people who love to play harmonica and guitar. If you wish to buy a budget pack, this is one to buy.