Take a look at the review of three different mulch that is best for organic farming!

If you are into organic gardening, then you must have heard the term “mulch.” This is a product that is highly beneficial for the healthy growth of crops. If you want to have high-quality produce in your garden, then this medicine for crops and herbs can make magic. However, the real confusion lies when it comes to choosing the best mulch for organic gardening. There are a lot of them in the market, choosing among them can become a very tough job. Now, you should know the fact that different herbs have different growing conditions. Thus, any particular mulch is not there which serves well for all crops.

This article provides product review of three different mulches. Get to know which among them is the best mulch for organic gardening?

  1. Unco Industries Wiggle Worm Soil Builder Earthworm Castings Organic Fertilizer


  • This is an organic fertilizer which is only for earthworm castings.
  • This is considered excellent for vegetables, flowers houseplants and many more items.
  • Odor free as well as non – toxic mulch.
  • Best not to use too much. Just a handful is fine.


The best fact about this is that you only need a small amount of this fertilizer to prevent earthworms from infecting the crops. Just a hint of this mulch will increase the growth of vegetables, houseplants, and several other flowers. You will see the miraculous result in the incredible growth and yield of your plants. Instead, it builds earthworm castings in your plant that is full of unusual ingredients. However, if you think that these nutrients are not balanced, then you are wrong. These are perfectly balanced in two forms for your crops.

The first form is such that, it is absorbed directly by the plants as if you have injected it into the plants. The second is such that it provides food to the plants for an extended period. One of the best facts is that it is very cost – effective. This means that only with a small amount of fertilizer you will be able to see good results.

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There are no cons of this mulch as such. Everyone who used it says it is one of the best mulch for organic gardening, and they have never been disappointed with its performance.

  1. Miracle-Gro 71686127 Nature’s Care Organic Potting Mix with Water Conserve


This product in other aspects is also called one of the best mulch for organic gardening. Take a look at the specifications, pros and cons.

  • To protect against under watering or over watering, this product has sponge-like absorption capabilities.
  • For moisture control, this fertilizer has Coir or Yucca.
  • Most useful for niggers vegetables and herbs feeds it up to two months.
  • Ships to only certain countries.


One of the best fact about this fertilizer is that it has a dynamic sponge-like capability that will help to protect the plants against either over watering or under watering. The sponge-like Yucca or Coir can store water that the plant derives from the ground. Tus, if ever the plant is underwatered, this will provide food, nutrients, and water to the plants. However, if ever the plant is over watered, the coir will absorb the water and provide the plant only the required amount of water.


There are no such cons of this mulch. All the customers seem to love it. Moreover, this mulch is highly beneficial for plants. Hence, if anyone of you is suffering from organic herbs related problems, you should try this out. See if it helps!

3.     ­­­­­­­­­­­­­Espoma AV4, Organic African Violet Potting Mix


  • This serves as potting soil.
  • Best for houseplants and other pot plants.
  • It has the same abilities as that of natural soil.
  • Moisture retaining capacity is great.
  • It aerates the soil and promotes the productive growth of the root.
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If you have some African Violets, then you can use this mixture as potting soil and get to see the difference. This is again considered one of the best mulch for organic gardening.


There are no such cons for this mulch. This shows best result only when you apply it to potted plants.

Comparison of the above three products

  • Each of the products is big hits in different aspects. The first product soars high regarding earthworm casting. These castings contain full of nutrients that are exquisite for plants and its produce. You can use this for your organic plants and see the results for yourself. Now, there are no such complaints of this fertilizer as well.
  • The second product is specialized in coir or yucca. These have the sponge-like capability and can store water and other nutrients for up to two full months. Moreover, you only have to use a handful of this product to do the magic trick.
  • The third and the last product are best for potted plants. You can even call this fertilizer as potting soil. If you use a handful of this product to any potted plant, then it aerated the soil and increased its nutrient value. Thus, if you use it in farm produce, you will not be able to see good results. Houseplants are highly benefitted from this.

Market feedback

All the above – mentioned plants have satisfactory high levels. People have welcomed these products and used it for their produce. The results are fantastic. However, you cannot use all of them for farm purpose. For instance, the last product is well suited for potted plants. Tus, if you have any potted organic plants, then you should use this to strengthen the roots. The first and second ones are well suited for farm purpose. Just a handful these products and you will be able to see good results.

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Each and every one of them proves themselves to be the best mulch for organic gardening. Thus, there are no dangerous products among them. Remember, to use only the one that suits your needs in the best possible manner. Moreover, do keep in mind the other factors as well that will indicate which product is best for you.

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