The 5 Best Vacuum Pools in 2019 (Don’t Buy a Vacuum Pool Until You Read This)


So, you are struggling to clean your swimming pool and are your wits end? If that the case, then you will find this top vacuum pool review useful. It can be a dreadful task cleaning a swimming pool for hours without success, without the proper equipments or tools. The problem is, when cleaning your swimming pool you need to clean the entire pool, both inside as well as the outside clean.

Though you can get rid of the bigger particles, you might not be able to remove the smaller particles. Who would want to spend the whole day cleaning the pool? Based on these issues, people like to make use of vacuum pool cleaners. A vacuum pool cleaner comes equipped with modern technology and can clean your pool effortlessly.

It is not at all time consuming as it takes only a few hours as opposed to the entire day by several people. Though you appoint few people for the task, they might not be able to do a good job as efficiently as the pool cleaner. These automated pool cleaners can get rid of the smaller particles which are usually not visible to the eye and can cause health ailments when left inside your pool.

Purchasing a vacuum pool cleaner is like a one-time investment. The need to take lot of care of it is not there as all you need to do is use it, clean it, and store it until the next use. With so many benefits, you are surely thinking of buying one now? Read on to find which is the best vacuum pools 2019.

Handy tips to choose best affordable pool vacuum

There are many ways to choose the best affordable vacuum pool cleaner for your swimming pool. The first thing is the budget. You need to fix your budget. Vacuum pool cleaners are priced around $100 or more than $500. Depending on your budget, you can choose the cleaner. Reading customer reviews and knowing the ratings will actually help you understand how good the device is and how it can help you.

Reading more about the features of the product will give you the true picture in understanding the product better.

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Buying guide

Purchasing an automatic vacuum pool cleaner might seem like an easy task. However, it is not and there are plenty of things you need to think about.

  • The size of your pool

The actual size of your swimming pool will decide the kind of cleaner you require. In many cases, the pools are large and that it why choosing a cleaner that is automatic and free from cables can get the job done fairly easy. When the swimming pool is huge, the movement will be restricted.

  • Ease of use

Using automatic vacuum pool cleaners, these can be easily operated. They need to be plugged and placed inside the swimming pool.

  • Easy to clean

Few vacuum pool cleaners come with collection bags and others make use of filter cartridges. It can become a real headache when cleaning cleaners which come with collection bags. Those which come with filter cartridges are easy to clean as they need to removed, cleaned using a hose, and placed back inside.

5 Best Pool Vacuums Reviews

  1. Dolphin 99996323t

The Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner is based at top of our list of best vacuum pools 2019. It is easy to set up and use as the need to attach hoses is not there. You need to just connect and then plug it. Then leave it in the water. It has the ability to pick out all kinds of debris and dirt from the pool. The vacuum pool cleaner comes with a 3 hour cycle which ensures your pool is clean.

During the cleaning process, you will want to move the vacuum cleaner back and forth to get rid of the trapped air which can reduce its performance. Since the motor is very efficient, it shuts down when the cycle gets over. You can now clean the dirt traps and filters easily. The pricing is excellent and so are its cleaning abilities.

  1. Hayward TigerShark

The Hayward TigerShark QC RC9990GR Swimming Pool Robotic Cleaner that comes with Quick Clean Technology is second on our list. To be honest, it is almost as good as the Dolphin cleaner. The vacuum cleaner can clean the entire swimming pool which includes the steps, floor, and walls. Similar to the working of the Dolphin, you need to plug in and place it inside your pool.

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Once it has finished cleaning the swimming pool, you need to then clean the Tiger Shark swimming pool vacuum. The filter cartridges have to be removed and then cleaned using a hose. Unfortunately the vacuum cleaner is priced higher than the Dolphin, which got its ranking reduced.

  1. Baracuda G3

The Baracuda G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner comes at a distant third. This cleaner can easily attach to your pool filtration system. The cleaner cannot be compactable with the raised anti-vortex drain cover. It is ideal for pools with a flat drain cover. It comes with a 1 year warranty and 2 years for the hose supplied.

Though it is not as expensive as the Dolphin or the Tiger, it does have its share of problems.

  1. AquaBot Pura

The AquaBot Pura 4X Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner AJET123 is perfect for above ground and ground pools. You will need to run the unit on main power which then enables your pool system to keep running. The working concept is interesting here as it uses little nets to collect the debris which are then cleaned using a spray.

You will then need to leave them to dry before replacing them. The pricing of the vacuum cleaner is cheap considering what it does and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

  1. Smartpool NC22

The Smartpool NC22 SmartKleen-Robotic Pool Cleaner is a swimming pool vacuum ideal for above ground and in ground pools. You will want to know that the vacuum cleaner is not designed for climbing walls. It can only clean the floor of the pool. As the cable is 40 foot in length, it can reach the areas of the swimming pool easily.

However, it can get tangled. It is rectified using a swivel attachment on the unit. Sadly, it is priced very high when compared to other vacuum cleaners. Plus it comes with no warranty.

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So, now that you have read the review on the best vacuum pools 2019, you now know the different kinds of models, the brief descriptions, the features, etc. Apart from that, you also know the importance of keeping a pool vacuum cleaner. Always before purchasing the vacuum pool cleaner, you need to do as much research as possible and then place the order.

Now for the winner! Based on our top vacuum pool review, it is the Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner hands down. With its immense power and cleaning abilities, you really do not need any other vacuum pools around you. The need to use hose pipes on it is not there. It can find out the tiniest particles and immensely clean your pool.

Apart from its massive cleaning abilities, it is power efficient and switches off once the cleaning is over. In other words, it can take care of everything. No more breaking your backs and fingers when cleaning your pool. All you need to do is use the vacuum pool cleaner and spend long hours in your pool.

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