Top 10 Ways to make money through online

If you handle a lot of money and need to count large amounts of money, the best option is to use a money counter machine to ensure that the amount is counted correctly.

1.No-Risk matched Betting:

It is the quickest and easiest way to make a lot of money without breaking any law.  It is completely legitimate, risk free, tax free and those who have interest can do it.  The betting sites regularly offer betting, by taking advantage of free bets through matching them at a betting exchange.  (Matching means you are betting for both for and against a certain result).

2.Online Survey:

There is a huge opportunity for the student to make pocket money, just by filling online survey form in their free time.  Research companies keep on recruiting new persons to answer the surveys and test new products.  It  takes few minutes to fill the form for which they get paid  or rewards.

3.Paid for searching the web:

The best and easiest method of making money online without any effort or change in your behavior.  This innovative idea is by for which you get rewards for searching on Bing, Yahoo and Google.  You should install a simple add to your browser and when you do research there may be sponsored results along with your normal search. 

4.Social Investment Networks:

Nowadays people are investing in stock markets and currencies.  You can invest in the stock market through online market trading platforms. The has 4 million users worldwide  and the best feature is CopyTrader.  Sometimes in trading you lose money, so friends, please don’t stick to it and don’t invest all your savings into it.


5.Review Website and Application for Cash:

It’s time to browse websites for cash and it is a job of fun.  The many sites are available like is a new platform which pays everyday for the people, just to review the websites.  You have to sign up those sites and complete the test review and wait to receive websites in your inbox.

6.Start your own website:

We find many students are successful in starting their own website during their college or purchased a domain name and after sometime sold it for cash. For example, Owen Burek started a website during 1st year during his college days which has grown successfully and now it  has made very good name.  If you are interested in making money, then it’s not a problem to start  and you are avail of many opportunities to make money online.

  1. Sell your Notes or study material:

You can even generate money by sharing the study materials to other students.  There are many sites where you need to transfer the notes to the site with your price and you get paid once the other student downloads it.  The Notesale is a site, which is free to list the notes of yours, but they charge a little amount on your profit to handle the marketing.  You no need to go out and promote your notes, just by sitting at home you can earn through online.

  1. Write and publish kindle e-Books:

If you are good at something, it may be researching or writing.  Anyone can publish e-Book and make money through online.  The Kindle app is available on all types of device like Laptops, iPads, Smartphone.

  1. Affiliate Marketing:
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If you have a good presence on social media or you have a blog or your own website then you can start making money by promoting all sorts of companies products, companies, services.  You have to sign up to affiliate network, check their blog to find something which your friends are interest in and grab the link and share it.  If anyone buys those link you are paid with good commission.

  1. Become a Clickworker:

The clickworker is a concept based on internet crowd sourcing and it is an easy and fast way to make money.  It involves a variety of tasks like data entry, web research and form filling.  You will be paid for the work through Paypal and you can fix your work in flexible timing.