Traditional Metal French Horn Review

The Traditional Metal French Horn by Bombay Jewel is a home decoration item which comes with a lot of style. This is a full metal horn which looks amazing to the eye, and can be ideal for livening up the internal ambience of any home. The product comes from Bombay Jewel, which is reputed for its fantastic decorative art pieces. It can rival some of the best French horn range from top brands. Read and go through the full review of the product to know all about it, and its pros, cons and features.


  • The horn is 11″ in height and 6″ in width. It is lightweight at only 12.8 ounces, and stands 8.5 x 6.1 x 3.2 inches in terms of dimensions.
  • The horn opening is slightly bigger than the palm size of an adult hand. The entire horn is less than a foot in length, which makes it ideal to keep on a desk or shelf. Many people like to keep it on the headboard shelf.
  • It is made completely out of metal, and is designed to last for a long time with little care. It is of golden color, and is very attractive to look at. It has been designed to last as a home decoration for many years to come.
  • The stylish horn can be made to stand on flat surfaces, and although it cannot be hanged easily on walls some amount of modification can be good enough to make it capable for hanging on walls.
  • The product is small and light in weight, and can easily be transported from one room to another. It makes a great birthday or anniversary gift, and can be presented to almost anyone. It is an ideal gift for virtually any music lover out there.
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  • Most of the customers have been happy with the product, and expressed satisfaction that it is the right size for table-setting. It can be used as a nightstand accessory due to the amazing style and charm it comes with.
  • A lot of buyers have spray painted the horn with blue color to use it as a night stand accessory. Other than spray painting with a primer etc, buyers did not experiment much with the product and most of them reported that they did not even need to.
  • The horn is made of full metal, which means dusting and cleaning it can be very easy. Most buyers have been satisfied with the product due to the easy cleaning. Generally, it is not a dust magnet and does not get easily dirty. Simply using a clean cotton cloth to wipe the surface can be enough to clean up dust and dirt from this horn. Most of the consumers have done this and have been able to keep the product largely free of dirt.
  • The product can be used a great decorative piece or showpiece in living room, party room and virtually any ambience. Many buyers have reported that they have got a lot of appreciation from guests and visitors.
  • The horn has been priced affordably, and the cost is lower than the usual French horn range. It comes in $ 25 – 40 price range, depending on where it is being purchased from. A small amount of price comparison is essential in order to get the horn at the lowest cost. The affordable price makes the horn a steal for budget conscious consumers who want showpieces within a small budget.
  • Most of the buyers have loved the product for the style factor, and it keeps the good reputation of the maker intact. Bombay Jewel is known for its amazing pieces of decorative art and the Traditional Metal French Horn is not an exception. Most of the buyers who are regular consumers of showpieces from the brand have appreciate the item and went on to say that it has been as satisfactory as the other items from Bombay Jewel.
  • The horn can be given as a present to friends and loved ones. People who enjoy and love music would love to get this is as a decorative showpiece for their homes. It can make a perfect Christmas present for a cousin who has an ear for music and likes to keep looking for cool decorative showpieces for the shelf. A lot of people have used it as an anniversary gift.
  • The horn has been designed to be durable, and has a smooth finish which has been liked by most modern buyers. The product has received very high ratings from consumers on most of the online stores, and the very high score of 5 out of 5 stars on the Amazon store page dedicated to the item only goes on to show how much it has been loved by buyers.
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Some buyers have mentioned that it is smaller in size than usual. However, they have not been dissatisfied due to the small size and shape. For table-setting, it is of an ideal size – as reported by most of the buyers.

Other than the small size, buyers have not found any other thing about the product which has dissatisfied them. It has mostly received positive reviews from consumers, and you can check this from comments and feedbacks posted on online store pages dedicated to the product.


When it comes to a home decoration item, the Traditional Metal French Horn by Bombay Jewel is a great one to go for. Whether you need an item for simple decoration or party decoration, it would be a perfect choice. Make sure that it is packaged properly and in a safe way from the store that you are purchasing it from. Check whether the store offers it at a discounted price, so that you can reduce your purchase costs further. If you have been browsing through French horn range and not getting a good showpiece, you may safely consider this product as a home décor item or as a gift item.