Westminster Desktop Drum Set, Random Color

The Westminster Desktop Drum Set, Random Color comes from the brand Westminster. It is ideal for girls and boys. Although the drum set is small in size, and looks like a plastic toy, it offers wonderful performance. It is cute and perfect, and will be loved by anyone. It comes with a total weight of 500 gram. It can easily be assembled, and is perfect for people who are aged between 7 and 12 years.

Westminster Desktop Drum Set
Westminster Desktop Drum Set

Sound Quality

The Westminster Desktop Drum Set has been designed for percussionists who are aged 8 years and above. It offers wonderful sound quality. It can offer wonderful cymbal and retro drum sound. You can play smooth country, rock, jazz, classics and more.


The drum set is candy-like, glossy and apple red in finish. The chrome plated hardware makes it sound and look good. It has a 3-drum, classic configuration. It is ideal for office and home. You will love to jam at work, and thrill your co-workers. If you wish to become an office musician and realize your dreams, you can use this Desktop Drum Set.

Ease of Use

The mini drum set is very easy to use. It can conveniently relieve your stress at home or workplace, and even co-workers will love to use the set. The set has been designed to be easily put on a table. You can get the beat going with a cymbal and a set of drums. If you know drumming well, you can easily make a cool beat. If you are a learner, you will love to use the set for practice or just randomly strike it to your contentment.

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The small-sized drum is about as big as a hand, and offers some amazing sound for its size. You will love the deep bass sound, and the small kit also comes with an affordable price tag. The drum holds together in a flimsy way and is perfect for high school drumming team as well as college goers. The set looks bigger than a desktop toy, and offers an amazing Tom-Tom sound in various tones. It is beautifully packed in a box that looks like a suitcase. It is wonderful in value, and can easily be put together – although a small amount of care is needed.


This is a fun desk accessory and can easily be assembled. There is a plastic stand and comes with a couple of plastic drumsticks. There is a metal cymbal, a 6-inch tom tom and two 4.5 inch tom toms.


It comes with an easy assembly, and does not need any tools. The assembly takes around 5 minutes. Every piece can easily snap into another, and there are no tools needed for the assembly. When it is assembled completely, it measures around 15 inches wide and 18 inches in total height. This is a wonderful desktop toy that can assist you in alleviating your stress during breaks. The Desktop Drum Set is perfect for beginners without any advanced knowledge of assembling equipments.