What Are The Best Pool Hoses Of 2019 And Where To Find Them?


Ok, so you are planning to buy a pool hose for your house and are in a dilemma on how to go about things. If that is the case, then you will want to read our review on the best pool hoses of 2019. I’m pretty sure you will find your answer. Pool hoses are such a versatile product. They can be used to water large gardens and fill up huge swimming pools.

As you want your money’s worth and make a lifetime investment, you need to know which hose is the best.

Read on.

How to choose a pool hose?

  • Size of your pool

The size of the pool is the main factor which will decide the hose pipe which you are going to purchase for your home. If you have a large pool, then you might consider getting yourself a large hose pipe, when your pool size is small, then you can consider purchasing a small size pipe.

  • Your budget

The second factor is your budget. Most of these hose pipes come under $100. So, there is nothing to really freak out about the pricing.

Reviews on the pool hoses

Stanley FatMax Garden Hose

The Stanley FatMax Garden Hose is from the makers of Stanley, which has stood the test of time with great success. Just like all Stanley products, this one is no different as far as the performance is concerned, with 500PSI. The yellow hose comes with a huge 50 feet in length, which can just about help you take care of enormous space.

The hose pipe has been made with the poly fusion technology that is considered as the best in strength and flexibility.  The couplings come in standard dimensions which are made from forged aluminum construction along with titanium coating. The Stanley FatMax Garden Hose has been rated 4.7 out of 5 stars and has received 52 customer reviews.

Legacy HFZG5100YW Flexzilla 5/8″ x 100′ Hybrid Garden Hose

The Legacy Flexzilla Hybrid Garden Hose is an extremely durable product that has excellent performance. The design of the hose ensures that is does not get damaged easily under natural climatic conditions with its male and female fittings that are constructed from anodized aircraft grade aluminum.

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It is made from hybridized synthetic materials and abrasion resistant. The best feature about this product is that it lies flat when placed down. The Legacy HFZG5100YW Flexzilla 5/8″ x 100′ Hybrid Garden Hose has been given a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars and has received 748 customer reviews.

Neverkink 9844-50 Series 4000 Commercial Duty Pro Garden Hose

The Neverkink Garden Hose is third on our list. The zero memory design means that is lays flat and will not affect your plants growing in your garden. It is very easy to store as the power coil can be easily stored. The design comes with strength aluminum couplings that are leak and crush proof that contain zero lead impurities.

The Neverkink 9844-50 Series 4000 Commercial Duty Pro Garden Hose has been given a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars and has received 484 customer reviews.

GrowGreen® Heavy Duty Expanding Water Coil Garden Hose

The GrowGreen® Water Coil Garden Hose comes with an amazing 50 feet in length and can help you cover any watering challenge. Completely retractable and collapsible, it can be easily stored. Built from durable latex rubber, you know that you are using a durable garden hose pipe. The GrowGreen® Heavy Duty Expanding Water Coil Garden Hose has been rated 3.2 out of 5 stars and has received 318 customer reviews.


Gilmour Flexogen Super Duty Hose 1/2 Inch

The best in our best pool hoses list would be the Gilmour Flexogen Super Duty Hose 1/2 Inch. Proof of that would be feedbacks from any seasoned gardener or contractor. The flexibility in use and construction of this pipe sets is higher than the rest. Coming at 50 feet and with the 500PSI construction you can easily water or fill the largest of swimming pools with ease.

You will also be at peace with yourself as the hose comes backed by a lifetime warranty on performance. The Gilmour Flexogen Super Duty Hose 1/2 Inch has been given a solid rating of 4 out of 5 stars and has received positive 934 customer reviews.

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Points to remember

It is extremely important to take good care of your swimming pool hose when not in use. During usage also you will want to make sure that you follow the guidelines. You certainly don’t want to end up damaging your pool hose within a short time of usage. Apart from that we have also come up with major problems when you use cheap quality hoses for your swimming pool or gardening.

We have provided some points to remember to help you out.

Read on.

  • There has been case where the prime in the pump get damaged or does not work. This is usually happens when the individuals are vacuuming their pool, the prime in the pump is lost. This is when, users feel that the pump is poorly made or is faulty. However, the truth is that, the vacuum hose is at fault and when you are using cheap pool hoses which are made from thin plastic then you can be rest assured that they will get damaged easily.
  • You will to also remember that the hose must come with a swivel on it. It helps to make sure that your pool hose does not get kinked or twisted when using it. The swivel side is on the automatic vacuum and vacuum head. The other side is remained connected to your skimmer which supplies suction from the pump. That is why, it is important to have a good swivel to prevent your hose to kink and twist.
  • The storage is another issue, which we find many users not doing correctly. When not in use, it is common to see the hose lying inside the pool. Though you may use premium hose pipes, they are bound to get damaged when you leave them carelessly in the pool. Direct sunlight and exposure to wind and rain will cause minor wear and tear which then will lead to severe problems. It would be best to store it in a pool shed or storage area.
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Hope your enjoyed our detailed guide of the best pool hoses in 2019. We read about their features and some of their strong points, which make them, stand where they are. Each one of them comes with their pros and cons. If you take good care of your pool hose, you know that it will last the distance, which is what you want.

You would have understood that the pool hose forms a very crucial part of your pool maintenance equipment. If you follow the pointers which have been mentioned, then it will surely help you keep your pool clean and last it for a long time. It will also make your pool cleaning an enjoyable task and not a chore.

In our opinion, the Gilmour Flexogen Super Duty Hose 1/2 Inch gets first rank because of its powerful performance at 500PSI construction strong material used to build it, and with a length of 50 feet it can help keep a large property green and clean. The ultimate is the confidence exhibited by their makers, who are offering a lifetime warranty on performance.

So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and purchase the pool hose of your liking.

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