What should you know about Starpoint Gemini Warlords?

Starpoint Gemini warlords are a Role-Playing game in space where you have to use strategies to improve your condition. You have to construct your spaceship and upgrade headquarters to destroy your enemy. Alternatively, you can use deterrent when it appears to be ever-escalating tensions. There is some unique characters or spaceship with unique powers that make the difference. You have to play this game with mind and strategies.

Starpoint Gemini Warlords
Starpoint Gemini Warlords

Why is it different from other RPG games?

You shall love to explore space from the computer. Apart from that, it is coupled with a strategic implementation. There are mighty war fleets to fight with the enemy, or you can choose to fight alone. You can play as a warlord, or you can place between three characters. It also comes with unique hybrid abilities. You have to be little patients when it comes to strategies and global scheme.

You can control your ship without any problem, or you can control the same remotely. You may command your army to fire, or you can fire manually. It will be a better to keep it automatic because you can concentrate on your strategy. You can execute your special skills while it is set on automatic fire system.  You may add another hand after adding companions in your game. It will lead to a glorious combat.

How does a battle start?

It is quite to add more material after using a boarding ship of the enemy. You have to target an enemy ship to board the same, after that, you have to command fire from the context menu. You may board the enemy ship from troops. There will be a popup of mini-games that will work as a more rad. It is quite exciting to see new animation whenever you duel with an enemy in a massive orbit.

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Boarding tips for beginners

You should not fire at will when attacking an enemy ship; this also applies to a group of ships. It will destroy that ship you wanted to capture. You might use some escorts to kills enemy ships; it will help you to board successfully. It will help you to reinforce shield without much damage to your ship. Apart from that, it is quite helpful when you are going to capture a ship from the group.

You should not tow the same ship fast and far because it might create grappler problem. Grappler problem is very annoying when because it leads an explosion in the captured ship. You should slowly grab the ship to avoid grappler. There is no proper solution to the grappler problem, so you have to be little careful. You may follow these guidelines because it will prevent explosion to great extend.

How to tow successfully?

If you want to tow a ship which is far away from sector length, then you should use 3/4th of the normal speed. It will be handy if you send some troops to capture the ship. When it is in boarding window mode, then it will be in green from grey. You may click another button to send another group of troops.

How to assemble the fleets?

It is quite easy to assemble the mighty fleets from on-screen instructions. However, you have to be careful when it comes to factions of Gemini and warlords. There might be an awful situation that can damage your ship that is why you have to assemble it. There are lumbering battleships that can hide inside the asteroid field. However, a good gunship system can track the same. Well-trained officers can boost fleets.

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What to do With a Captured Ship?

In the case of captured ship, you have more than one action to take. The best use of a captured ship is to scrap the same for materials, or you can add the same for the fleet. You may add the same for personal collection by credit. You can send the same for research that will help you to build a new ship from the fleet.

You can choose up to 90 ships along with different gunships and carriers. It is very easy to build a personalised headquarter to boost your ship as well as military power. There is an option to produce freelance jobs; it will give your credits. You can use the same to update the ship. You can keep natural encounters to keep you low on expectation.

What to do?

  • You have to construct new ship as well as update the existing one. You can assemble war fleets and send the same for battle.
  • You have to update previous communications and mode of travels in the star It will help you to gather more resource.
  • You can sign more deals when it comes to diplomatic relations. It will boost your requirement of material.
  • It also helps you to beat the predator by strategies and skills.
  • You can update personal ships and headquarter as well as personal space stations.
  • You can conduct research and build new ships from existing materials.
  • It is quite easy to assemble fleets from a captured ship.
  • You can destroy enemy ships as well as overcome territory.
  • You can experience the Gemini foes from previous Starpoint.
  • You have to keep the power distribution below the normal level at the time of towing.
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How to increase your resources?

It is quite easy to increase resource of the game by capturing ships and expanding territory. However, you should not expand your defence to defeat enemy because this move will reveal your weakness due to a thin layer of army ships. You can improve the territory by improving the building as well as defence structure. You should expand your fleet structure to empower the entire system.

You can update headquarter by additional modules where you can store advanced weapons and materials. You can develop new ships to deploy enemy. It is fairly easy to unlock new structures from the existing resources. You can achieve different types of bonuses from the territory. You should keep your speed around 14 out of 15 at a distance of 110 because it is very helpful for towing. Apart from that engine throttle should be around 75%.

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