Usually most people think owning regular office job is the only way to earn money. We find only handful number of souls on this globe who want to earn money in the easiest and convenient way just by sitting at home.  Many people are now discovering the different ways to earn money through the internet.  Everyone in the world is in need of money in order to survive.

 The advice for everyone those who want to succeed in the online or internet world.

1.Selling stuff on eBay:

We are all familiar with eBay and its concept.  Today there is a huge opportunity to make money just by joining the eBay seller community.  First, start selling unused things which are in your room and look for things which are no longer used.  Collect your goods or products, then create a profile on eBay, now start selling which gives you handful of income.

2.Selling and designing:

The Internet is the best place where everyone can show their talents all over the world.  Only some sites give an opportunity to put up your own online store like painting, clothing and so on.    For Ex. If you are good at designing the clothes or come up with the unique dresses.  Then you can make money through internet by showing your talent to the world.


Most of time you want to work from home, then you can start with freelancing which is as similar to blogging.  It is done in some fields like in journalism, content writing, web designing, publishing, graphic designing, website development, consulting, translating, writing subtitles and video editing.  If you are a passionate writer on different topics like food recipes, travel and technology, then freelancing generates a good revenue for you.

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4.Video Sharing:

There are N number of sites that pay you for uploading the videos on their sites. If you are having some interesting videos to share, then this field could be the best platform to earn money through online.  Some of the common places which pay you to upload or share videos are YouTube, Blip, Dailymotion and Break.

5.Customer Service:

Today, most of the companies are offering customer service through electronically with the help of their websites and by email.  Many companies are hiring home based workers for their online customer service along with email and live chat support an addition to inbound and outbound phone calls.

6.Become a virtual assistant:

If you want flexibility at work, then virtual assistant is the best job.  At the same time the virtual assistant can work for multiple clients just by staying at home.  The assigned work of virtual assistant is blogging, responding to mails, product listings, research.  If you are good at search engine optimization (SEO) the source of income is reliable.  SEO is the growing area for internet based employment.


There are many opportunities for private faculties which can be for elementary, middle and high school children.  When we have good and reliable internet connections at home, most of the families rely on internet based tutoring services.  You can start your own internet tutoring service by logging on to the site Tutor, this site assists you in terms of marketing.  It also connects thousands of students and kids.

  1. Events:

If your are organizing any event like concert programme, you can promote your events through online or offline. Today, people are more used to internet than offline.  There are many sites where you can register your event and where the tickets can be sold through online.  By using those sites the event organizer can invite the guests for the event or concert.