Forex Enigma Review

How The Forex Enigma Works In Scalping In Autopilot

A lot of scalping tools and indicators are being used by forex traders, whether a beginner or an advanced trader. The reason behind the use of tools is that, they give the traders an easy to use and rely platform to trade, and highly helps in decision making for daily trading while lowering risks. That’s why when any new indicator comes in the market, traders do get excited about it, and try to find out if it works better than the others, and rather if it works at all or not. That’s why, after the introduction of the indicator and tool Forex Enigma, the forex traders really want to know all about it. In this review of Forex Enigma, we will discuss all the features, working, and various aspects of the indicator, so that traders can take an informed decision about buying it.

Forex Enigma
Forex Enigma

The maker of Forex Enigma, Karl Dittmann, describes the tool as a scalping indicator. This is a tool for the scalpers. Traders who want to make daily profits from quick trades every day, would love to use such a tool which would relieve them from critical decision making for scalping. It’s this art fi decision making during scalping which makes the difference. If you have a tool handy, which helps you by indicating trades by analyzing the trend with accuracy, then you can feel very relaxed and sorted as the risk of losing lowers a lot.

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Features of the Forex Enigma

The Forex Enigma promotions page tells the following features of the tool:

  • The Forex Enigma works for M1 and M5 timeframe based scalping.
  • It does not repaint during trades.
  • It shows buy and sell signals on time with total accuracy.
  • Use of new and advanced technology.
  • Works on hidden strategies and highly reliable trading algorithms.
  • It assures profit of more than 200 pip every day.

How it works

The Forex Enigma review says, it works as an indicator to prompt you to buy and sell while trading. This works on the standard MT4 platform, and works easily. New and advanced traders all can use it. The indicator helps trade in the M1 and M5 timeframe, and therefore is deemed a good one for scalping. It can be installed easily on the trading platform. And then it would work using its own artificial intelligence.

What the author and maker of Forex Enigma has to say

While reviewing the Forex Enigma we found out that Karl Dittmann the designer of the indicator has some tips to share with the traders showing interest in his product. He gives some valuable tips, which are as follows:

  1. With dedication of a couple of hours each day anyone can start earning well from the forex every day. But the 2 hours spent must be quality time.
  2. To start with one doesn’t need to have a lot of capital for investing. Even with a small deposit amount works in earing from a trade if the trade is chosen selectively.
  3. He also says that one of the biggest problems people face during trading is emotions and excitement. These two often takes control on the trader’s mind and take a bad decisions, or trade too much at unwanted positions, and eventually face losses. One must not let emotions and excitement take over their calm and coolness of the mind. Forex must be traded with a composed and steady mind.
  4. Whether you face a loss or profit, you must review the trade at the end of the session. If there are trends or points worth noting, you must note them down. Later these observations and notes would help you understand what made you win or lose a trade.
  5. Finally it’s important to stay motivated. If the trader stays motivated then profit or loss would not bind his attention throughout, and rather he would take interest in the process of trading to grab it better over time.
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The auto signal alerting system of the indicator

The Forex Enigma sales off page tells how this indicator alerts the user:

  • The signal color is depicted by a color and this line color changes depending on the signal type.
  • Every new signal comes with a pop up sound, which will attract attention of the user towards the computer.
  • The information about the new trade in details will be exhibited in the pop-up window.
  • The trader will also get to know about trades and alerts on their mobile device through the push notification.
  • Email alerts are also sent by the tool directly to inbox.

This means, the user can get alerts and notifications in several ways about a trade. Therefore there is no more reason to stay stuck to the computer and before the screen through the day. The trader can do many other activities while trading, while relying on the pop-ups and alerts sent through the multiple ways by the indicator. The user will not miss any trade or notification in this way even when way away from the computer and into some other work. These alert options can be customized and played or all may be enabled together.

The data shared with the alerts of Forex Enigma are:

  • The currency pair that’s traded
  • The timeframe type
  • Buying price
  • The price where stop loss is set
  • Level of profit.

The accuracy of laser tuned signals that the Forex Enigma sales off page speaks off are a reason it should be tried.

Cost of Forex Enigma

The indicator comes at a discounted price of $87. The seller actually priced it $147, but now as the Forex Enigma bonus, it’s being offered at only $87.

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Like all other indicators, the Forex Enigma can also be run on a demo account initially to practice and see its strength. On getting used to with it, it can be used on a real trading account. The indicator looks decent and promises profitable trades on autopilot, while intimidating the user continuously through multiple modes of alerts and notifications. This overall looks a nice package at that offer price.


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