Forex Megadroid Robot Review

Trading With High Accuracy And AI Using Forex Megadroid Robot

The forex trading system is dominated by many tools and indicators, and many softwares which works on full and partial automation. One such system is the Forex Megadroid Robot. The Forex Megadroid Robot sale off page says that it’s a Forex trading tool, which can trade on automation, without the user having to take any buying and selling decisions. This is designed to work on its own to help one earn from forex trading every day. This Forex Megadroid Robot review is an attempt to find out how exactly the tool works to help one earn money from forex.

Forex Megadroid Robot
Forex Megadroid Robot

Forex Megadroid Robot Review – The use of AI

AI or Artificial Intelligence is what is being used by the Forex Megadroid Robot. The developers say they have used their 38 years of experience of forex into the making of this tool. The robot driven by RCTPA is able to see the future of a trade and is able to conduct trades with 95.82% accuracy. They clearly mention that Forex Megadroid is a robot program which works like a virtual robot to execute trades. It enters a trade on its own and exits on its own.

Forex Megadroid Robot: Use of facts and figures

Facts and figures are important for understanding what is going on. When they are talking about a system which trades on forex in automation to fetch money for the user, then this information must be backed with lots of facts and figures. To the relief of the users, they really have those facts ready for reference. On the Forex Megadroid Robot promotions page, they have mentioned some important things about the product.

  • Forex Megadroid Robot has been reportedly seen to perform 95.82% with accuracy.
  • From 1st Jan of 2009 till present day, they have been tracking every single day’s trades done through this system. This makes for 3884 days of trading up till 21 Aug. the system has earned 15408.37% of net profit through the period.
  • It took them 21 years to get satisfied with the performance and score of the tool.
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Forex Megadroid Robot: How it works

The software works on RCTPA technology. This is an advisor cum automated trading robot. When it’s installed on the metatrader platform, it starts entering trades at the right time by analyzing the trend, and then exits it on its own as per trend analysis. This ensures profit in most of the trades, which accounts for its 95.82% accuracy rate, which the makers of the software boasts of. The software works on the MT4 platform.

Forex Megadroid Robot Critical reviews

Many reviews by users worldwide about the software reveals that it failed to actually trade as the company promises on the Forex Megadroid Robot sale off page. Consumers have complaints against the product. The complaints are all of the same pattern. Most users say that it doesn’t trade always. If it trades then it enter a trade at a high price thereby making a very small or tiny gain. And if it loses then the loss is huge. Therefore with a less frequent amount of trading activity, lower gains and higher losses, as said by users, its performance needs to be improved. However no user says that it doesn’t trade at all, and is incapable of automated trading. Therefore, trading does happens with the software, and some profits also do come, which is technically true. And keeping in mind the reality of this kind of trading where it may bring profit or loss both, and where no one can guarantee confirmed profit in each trade, the software can be given a benefit of doubt at this point.

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Setting the expectations

As the investor, if you are looking for one such solution, where you would be guaranteed profit in each trade by a software which is working totally in automation, then this may be a challenge in reality. Even the makers of the Forex Megadroid Robot also doesn’t claim 100% accuracy, because they are also leaving an edge to let real life situations accommodate in that small percentage of failure.

That’s why if you are being too ambitious about the Forex Megadroid Robot and believe that it’s going to take the full control of your forex trading to drag you out from rags to riches, then you should pause and think. That’s not in reality going to happen as easily. However, thinking practically, you definitely are going to get a good assistance and helping hand with the Forex Megadroid Robot.

Neutralizing the risk factor

The gamble in forex trading has always been there, and this is a part of the thrilling way to earn high profits too. That’s why many traders stick to forex trading as they love the adventure and thrill associated with every single trade. The Forex Megadroid Robot reviews clearly indicates that this software has a role in neutralizing the risk factor to good extent, and bring some profits when the trader is idle.

Forex Megadroid Robot Pricing

The Forex Megadroid Robot is priced $82, and it comes with a money back guarantee which may be claimed within 60 days of purchase. The price is affordable, and traders may invest the amount to try the product and see how accurate a trading software it is.

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Forex Megadroid Robot Pros and Cons


  • Automated trading with artificial intelligence
  • High accuracy in trading
  • Affordable pricing
  • Money back window of 60 days available after buying


Cannot be blindly trusted for thorough trading because it’s however still not 100% accurate.


As the beginner if you want to cut off the risks to a low minimum, and want to play safer than others who are on their own decisions or trading out of inexperience, then you can use the Forex Megadroid Robot. You can also give this a try when you have little or no time for forex trading, and yet you want to invest as you take good interest in this earning method. As this works on automation, it keeps you totally idle from the trading part. You can do your own job and let the software take on the trading with its ow artificial intelligence.

Forex Megadroid Robot

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