Forex Pip Master review

Forex Pips Master claims to train you with a Price Action Strategy, which they say is a simple plan that can be learnt quickly to earn huge from Forex in just 7 days. The interesting thing is that they claim it to be a lesser than 20 minutes training guide, which can help one master the art and see money raining in forex.

Forex Pip Master review
Forex Pip Master review

What the Forex Pip Master is all about

The Forex Pip Master is a training program which focusses on helping learn forex fast in just 20 minutes. They say the program helps when you have $100 to invest in forex and using their guided strategy you may convert this amount to approx. $4000, in a time span of 8 to 10 weeks.

They claims their system to be an all-rounder system, which can guard against the falls in forex trading, and helps make money even when the trader has gone through various previous failures and losses in various trading platforms and softwares.

Other indicators are not needed

The Forex Pip Master does not makes you rely on other indicators and use them. This is an all in solution and system which has all tools necessary in one place, to help make profit from forex trading. Traders often get frustrated when they see repeated loses even after using many indicators. One big problem with indicators is that, they show indications with some time lag, and therefore when the market has a big movement already happened inside, the indicator then shows it. But by then you are late to respond and face losses. With this system other indicators are not required, and you may start making profits in small steady steps of 10 pips per trade.

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Setting the trend to earn more

The Forex Pip Master designer, Jordan Allen says, trend to earn more from forex doesn’t get set in a day. It takes some practice and execution of the strategy. 10 pips per trade is a good amount to start with, which one can earn by learning the Price Action Strategy.

The program describes, that as a beginner if one makes 10 pips from a trade and the 10 pips get compounded, then the total amount accumulated can be a good one. $10 a day can make $50 in the first week. And by the second week $20 a day can help make $100 in that week. And in the third week $30 a day can help accumulate $150 by the end of that week. As this way it compounds, it can help you fetch more than $2000 a week.

Forex Pip Master review


Who can take the Forex Pip Master Training?

A user before investing in the Forex Pip Master sale off must know if the training is suitable for the one or not. For giving a clear idea on this, the program specifies that whoever wants to apply the program strategy in their forex trading, must be able to dedicate at least 15 minutes a day to this. 15 minutes is all they are asking from a user to give into the program to start with it.

As per Forex Pip Master review, it has been studied that usually 15 minutes can be taken out of the schedule even if a person is busy, provided the person is taking serious interest in forex trading, and really wants to learn the strategy which claims to help one earn better from forex. That’s why the program is apparently suitable for anyone who is working from home, working from office, working at field, and also the home makers and students. Hence the program is deemed suitable for any forex beginner, trader, and enthusiast, who can squeeze out 15 minutes from a day.

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How the Forex Pip Master works

The Forex Pip Master works by helping you identify a pattern in price, which would help you place the orders, and open and close them. The author Jordan Allen, who invented the strategy from his own forex trading experiences, and has constructed it into a training guide for others, says that this system eliminates the user from forex trading indicator uses, and rather teaches to think in a new way.

There are two things which he teaches in the program, and they are:

  • Ignoring what other forex training guides, gurus, software, and tips tell.
  • Try a simple and powerful method that helps think in a new light in a new way.

How to start with the new method of forex training

The author says, if one has learned the method with the Forex Pip Master training, then the next thing the person should do is practice this a lot by registering for a demo trading account. Practicing the same strategy and steps in a demo account prepares the person for the actual trading. And then one may start real trading soon.

Package contents and program price of Forex Pip Master

The package contains the following:

  • Installer programs, templates, and indicators will be there.
  • A colored manual with step wise description of the program in details
  • The Forex Pip Master is priced $37 at present.

Forex Pip Master – The Pros

  • The program eliminates use of other forex tools and indicators, patches, software etc.
  • The program takes you through a 60 day journey to learn and practice by taking 15 minutes each day, which is affordable.
  • The price is only $37 which looks affordable compared to other high priced programs.
  • Once paid there is no restriction to use it or no time restriction or license expiration.
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Forex Pip Master – The Cons

They don’t offer any refund. The sale done means it’s final.

Forex Pip Master review – Verdict

The fairly affordable program looks nice and affordable, and can be tried. Average users trying forex and getting frustrated can try the program within a reasonable time, and see if it works in their case. The author claims to be proven many times, hence at this price it can be tried. However, this money invested on the program is non-refundable, and seeing the claim which tells it helps one learn how to make $4000 from $100, the investment looks justified.

Forex Pip Master review
Forex Pip Master review

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