5EMAs Forex System Review – A time-tested Forex Trading System with DOCUMENTED PROOF

5EMAs Forex System Review

It is no secret that trading the forex market and indeed any financial market is very risky. But with the right skills, strategy, and tools, you can just be on your way to making it big time in the market.

The Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX) is the platform where the currency of one country is traded or exchanged for that of another. Due to the fluctuations of various currency rates, losses or profits can be the result of trading in the forex market, though experienced traders say that a simple system is usually the best to achieve profits.

The forex market has different kinds of traders among which are: Scalpers who scalp the market for little profits, Swing traders who trade several times a week and the position traders who are long-time investors. They aim big.

The 5EMAs Forex Trading System

The 5 Exponential Moving Averages system makes use of general money management rules, 6 technical indicators, monitoring Software and strategies. All of which must be strictly adhered to by users to avoid catastrophic loss of capital. To review this system, I will be going through all of these and many more.

Winning trade sample

5EMAs Technical Indicators

Trend lines of support and resistance: This technical indicator shows the levels at which buyers are in control of prices to the extent that they prevent the prices from falling lower. It gives a clue of when investors believe that prices will increase. On the other hand, the resistance trend lines show points at which sellers are in control of prices and prevent them from getting higher. It indicates when most investors feel that prices will drop.

Exponential Moving Averages (EMA): A moving average points the mean instrument cost value for a specific time frame. It can be simple or arithmetic, smoothed, linear weighted and Exponential.

The Exponential Moving Average is gotten by adding the average of a specified share of the current closing price to the previous value. This is valuable in determining the latest prices and the support and resistance levels.

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Stochastic oscillator: It compares the point where a security’s price closes relating to its price range over a stated period. It is useful in determining the divergence with the price of a pair of currency and it is an alert to open a trading position. Getting started with investing doesn’t need to be difficult. You can join a program like like Motley Fool’s Everlasting Portfolio service to get a list of all of the stocks you should add to your portfolio.

The Moving Average Convergence/ Divergence (MACD): It is used to determine cross overs, oversold / overbought situations, and divergences. This indicator is useful in wide-swinging trading markets.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI): This technical indicator has a range of 0 –100, it is a price-following oscillator. There is the 9- day and 25-day RSI though Wilder the introducer recommended using the 14-day RSI. This index is used as a secondary confirmatory indicator for the entry and exits of trades.

William’s Percentage (%R) This indicator shows whether the market is overbuying or overselling. It has an upside-down scale and it indicates when it is in the interest of the investor to wait for security’s price to change direction before trades can be placed.

All these technical indicators are basic and they complement each other. Using them accurately provides a very reliable view of the market and makes trading the forex market using this system worthwhile.

The 5EMAs Monitoring Software (5EMAs alerts)

This software tells you when there is a potential point of entry for traders to make a profit. This makes it easy for newbies because knowing the point of entry can be very difficult not just to newbies but even experienced traders.

It forces traders to trade with caution. This is because the money management rules and signals provided by the 5EMAs helps all kinds of traders to achieve profit. Whether you are a beginner, scalper, position, swing or experienced trader, this system guides you on the various market conditions to maximize your profits and minimize losses.

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5EMAs Bonus

The 5EMAs Strategy.

 The system uses the 5 exponential moving averages to ascertain the directions of trends and it is paramount to know this strategy for you to be successful. The system filters all trading signals including those that are fake and this guides users and also teaches them when to enter or exit.

Combining this strategy with the trader’s skills and all the good money management principles, the system can be said to be reliable.

Pros of the 5EMAs forex trading system

Easy to use: The system has concise rules that are easy to understand which makes it easy to use.

Easy to implement: This system is easy to implement as it allows traders that are not highly experienced can be able to use it to their advantage.

Accurate formula: The system has been developed accurately and professionally to give the desired outcome if strictly followed.

Flexibility: The system is so flexible that it permits profitable trading whether in the scalping, swinging or in the day trading system.

Time Freedom: The system is suitable for traders who do not have the time to always monitor the market. This is possible because the long term signals provided by the system helps you to invest and still go about your day to day activities.


  • The system has a lot of rules that make it difficult to be followed and even more difficult to use in the long run.
  • The complexity of the system makes it quite difficult for beginners.


The 5EMAs forex trading system uses the 5 exponential moving averages and the money management approach to help traders achieve wealth. It gives you a reliable look at the overall trade market, giving you accurate signals of the points of entry and exit.

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It works with a high degree of accuracy when the trader uses their skills along with all the indicators, strategies, and system alerts. All of these have to be adhered to strictly. The developers of the system reveal that using this system accurately can result in earning revenues from $1000 to $100,000 in 24 months. Documented proof of this can be seen on the official website.

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