AffiliView review

What is AffiliView

AffiliView is one of the most advanced software products used for building high converting affiliate bonus pages. Using AffiliView, unlimited number of affiliate bonus pages can be built and this software has made the task of building high converting affiliate bonus pages faster as well as easier. This brand new software was developed by Simon Greenhalgh and Raymond Dele. The beginners as well as existing users are sure to find AffiliView as an awesome software for page building and it will replace all the existing software products that are used for building affiliate bonus pages. Moreover, AffiliView also offers 20 DFY campaigns for the top selling 20 products of the current year.

AffiliView review
AffiliView review

The DFY campaigns offered by AffiliView are in fact the most exciting offers in the IM space. AffiliView provides the users graphics, emails, one review video and also bonuses. The users of AffiliView who are highly ambitious will be provided with access to not less than 24 different sources of traffic. A full license for reselling and an advanced affiliate Bootcamp are also included in the AffiliView package. Among the various upgrades of AffiliView there is a monthly club. The monthly club provides access to the DFY campaigns for the ten top selling products of the previous month. The traffic sources that are provided by AffiliView offer traffic which is 100% free. No special technical skills are required for using AffiliView and also the users of AffiliView are free from content creation. No paid traffic, no tech skills and no content creation make AffiliView the most amazing software for building affiliate bonus pages.

The Complete AffiliView Package

Those who are novice campaign builders are assured of a perfect as well as easy solution to build campaigns. The campaigns that can be built by AffiliView for the 20 top selling products will be as powerful as Seasoned Pros. The users of AffiliView can have complete affiliate reviews and bonus pages very easily and very quickly also. For every single product out of the 20 top selling products of year 2019 there will be graphics, demo video, emails and bonuses which is the most outstanding aspect of the 20 DFY Campaigns offered by AffiliView for the top selling products of AffiliView. AffiliView provides upgrades that are always perfect and these upgrades make the AffiliView package a complete package in all aspects. AffiliView is identified as the most ideal software for auto-responder sequences.

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AffiliView is committed to include the products of all the leading vendors and as a result the top vendors are assured of substantial additional sales from the hundreds of people who are potential affiliates. The users of AffiliView are able to save substantial amount of money by not paying any monthly fees, getting 100% free traffic and not using separate page builders. The users can save a lot of time also since they need not research the products. The users of AffiliView are able to monetize with their affiliate link instantly and the pre-made bonuses will be delivered automatically. The full affiliate bonus campaigns can be built quickly and easily and the full campaigns for the top 20 products of 2019 will have videos, graphics, emails and bonuses. These are the other major advantages of AffiliView.

What is more?

AffiliView ensures quick and easy collection of the leads from each buyer and also provides built-in scarcity timers. The emails from AffiliView facilitate export of leads to all auto-responders. The campaigns by AffiliView for the top products are always complete campaigns and make it easier to build top pages similar to The Pros. AffiliView helps to install WordPress Plugin on unlimited number of sites. All these constitute the AffiliView Front End which is for $22 in addition to 50% commission. AffiliView Club is for $27 per month and 50% commission. The top 10 products are researched every month and the ten complete campaigns for the users will be delivered to the members area. The campaigns come with graphics, emails, demo videos and bonuses. The AffiliView Traffic is for $67 plus 50% commission.

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The traffic will be added to the mix and the users can post automatically to 24 traffic sources. There won’t be paid traffic at any point of time and the users are allowed to post videos, images, pages and posts. There will be unlimited monthly campaigns with zero monthly charges. The AffiliView Seller is for $197 plus 50% commission. The users will be provided access to full reseller license and also they can make bonus pages and sell them to other marketers as additional service. The users have the right to install the AffiliView software on the WordPress websites of other people. The AffiliView Bootcamp is for $147 plus 50% commission. This is an advanced affiliate marketing course which is prepared and delivered by Proven Six Figure Marketer.


Those who are getting the access to AffiliView are getting the same for the most competitive price and moreover the money that they invest in AffiliView is 100% secured. There is absolutely no risk in investing in AffiliView. AffiliView will generate income from the associate web link of the user very quickly and the pre-made bonuses are supplied automatically. The DFY includes graphics, video clips, bonus offers and emails for the 20 top selling products of the year. The users of AffiliView are required to pay the monthly charges only once and never again. They need not pay for web traffic and there will be no web page builders. The users need not spend time for researching products. AffiliView really provides them a lot for the money they spend. The complete associate bonus offer campaigns are built easily and very quickly. AffiliView enables the top suppliers to make sales from thousands of potential affiliates since their products will be included automatically. The Upgrades make the AffiliView package a full bundle. AffiliView shows the beginners the perfect way to build projects. The construction of Affiliate Testimonial and bonus pages for the users and featuring of the 20 DFY campaigns for the top selling products of the year are carried out simultaneously. Above all, AffiliView comes with a 30-day refund warranty plan. Those who buy AffiliView are assured of 100% satisfaction. Still, if the user is not satisfied fully for any reason and informs the same within 30 days, full refund will be made without asking any questions. Hence those who invest in AffiliView have nothing to lose but, a lot to gain.

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