FxMagnetic 2 review – Best Forex Indicator for MT4 With Success Rate (%)

What is Forex indicator?

Forex indicator is used for the technical analysis of the Forex. With the indicator it is easier to know the changes of currencies in the market. Entering in the Forex market and start trading is a difficult job. So to make a profitable income for a long time traders take help from this indicator. In the market, there is always some ways or condition and the Forex pattern will behave depending on that. The indicator helps to pinpoint those changes or patterns and make the trading success.

FxMagnetic 2 - Best Forex Indicator for MT4 With Success Rate (%)
FxMagnetic 2 – Best Forex Indicator for MT4 With Success Rate (%)

How FxMagnetic Indicator Can Help?

FxMagnetic indicator is helpful to trade Forex on the Meta Trader 4. Meta Trader 4 or MT4 is an online trading platform. MetaQuotes Software developed it in 2005. It became popular and globally recognized trading platforms for the investors from 2007. This is a stand-alone system. The online trading has become easier with that. This software has both client and server component. The server side is controlled by the foreign exchange brokers and client side is used by the customers. The retailers use it to guess the foreign exchange. MT4 is very popular among the brokers and the traders. A large number of brokers keep this software to use and take the right decision. FxMagnetic Indicator can help us in many ways.

  • For trading Forex, the entry price and also the market direction will be shown on the MT4 charts by using certain strategies.
  • It is easier to know the Stop Loss and then make a profit from that. It will ensure the best performance and accuracy.
  • You can watch the statistics of last hundred trading signal and also the result.
  • The FxMagnetic indicator will help you to do the market analysis properly. You can use it as the first or second indicator.
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FxMagnetic 2
FxMagnetic 2

FxMagnetic does not work on Android/iPhone mobile. You can Desktop MT4 and set it up to send the signal to the MT4 Mobile App to know trading. The FxMagnetic is not able to open trades automatically. This product is for manual Forex users. The traders will watch FxMagnetic for every entry signal. The forecast is done by the previous signal. Of course it can be right or wrong. But you will get help to make a decision.

The FxMagnetic algorithm works by looking for the extreme condition like if the prices are above and below from their average value. The mean reversion is detected by getting the oversold and overbought levels. The algorithm is capable enough of adapting the pair and timeframe. Though, each and every time frame is different and also the pair with different parameters. FxMagnetic has both the feature of either let it work automatically or by changing manually.

Expert traders wait for the best and also keep preparing for the worst. If you are losing continually, then reorganize your indicator to reduce losses. The system only gives a signal when there is something going on. If the market is steady and no change, then there won’t be any signal. With the market price the system will give the entry signal by following the specified algorithm. You will be informed the best trading opportunities.

The success rate can be varies person to person. If the person is new, then the rate may not be so high due to lack of experience. For an expert, the system will be more beneficial. But according to the customer reviews, most of the people have given positive response of having a higher success rate. 

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Few Words About MT4

The good side of MT4 is the best user experience. The interface is user friendly for both new and expert traders. The mobile application helps to check the updates without any kind of hassle. This is an international software with so many traders’ information around the world. This platform can be used in many languages, good for the global users. It has the feature of advance charting which helps to understand the market trend and technical analysis can be used for avoiding any kind of mistakes. The color and template can be changed as per your choice. So you can easily keep those functions which are important for you and omit others to avoid the complication. The brokers can post or send messages for with their customers to discuss any issue. Trading means exchanging lots of money or currencies. So, the system is designed with data encryption features to protect from the hackers. This platform is highly safe and secured to use to protect your valuable data. The flexibility and customization is there as well.

To use MT4, you must have a sufficient amount to invest to open an account. The assumed data or chart can be wrong sometimes. So, wait for the real data update before deciding to exchange.

FxMagnetic 2 coupon and discount

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Positive Side of FxMagnetic indicator

As said before, FxMagnetic indicator sends the report by going through previous 100 trading signals. Those are original, not the modified one. You can see what others doing and the losing and winning side. The outcome helps the traders to trade confidently. The optimization is good for getting the best entries.

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Problem with FxMagnetic

Now FxMagnetic only works for GBPUSD and EURUSD which is a major problem. The management is working to spread the features by adding new algorithms. Do not expect the same result just like the chart within the 1 minute timeframe. The market may change within that time. Also different brokers have different data history. So, the signal can be differed from broker to broker.


The FxMagnetic does not do any kind of repaint and show all the winning and losing outcomes. You also get the detailed information of the recent closed signal about entry and exit. The profit and loss will be there as well. It is one of the best packages for the Forex traders. So, go for it now to have the best trading experience and relax.

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