Kosm: Classic FPS Pack for Unreal Engine 4 review

Kosm: Classic FPS Pack for Unreal Engine 4

The Classic FPS Pack for Unreal Engine 4 from Kosm is a very powerful tool which is used to tune up the projects. The tool comes with Blueprints that are fully customizable. The FPS Pack includes 2 Character Blueprints, AI Bot and Ragdoll, 3 Projectiles, 2 Maps, Health/Armor System and other things replicated for online gameplay. One of the Blueprints is defined as VQ3 which is the image Visor from Quake and the other one as CPMA which is the Full Air Control Support. A Rocket Launcher, Railgun and Nailgun are the three projectiles. The Maps are used to make the testing. The FPS Pack is composed by a .uproject file which can be freely customized using Unreal Engine 4. The Full Air Control forward vector is controlled by the direction of the crosshair of the player and when swinging the mouse the Character gets accelerated. For the VQ3 movement Character the travel will be faster with a longer Bunny-hop. The AI BOT is provided with Perception System and the 2 Maps are the Fortress Map and the Testing Grounds Map. The other features of the Classic FPS Pack for Unreal Engine 4 from Kosm are Crosshairs and Speedometer, Attenuation settings, Misc Sounds and Footsteps, Damage Indicators, Player’s HUD, Radial/Splash Damage, Bunny Hop, Toggle Crouch, Double Jump, Weapon Zoom, Dash and Walk. A .pdf manual is provided for providing more instructions during installation, character selection and blueprint editing.

Issues to be solved

The AI Bot is still experimental and is to be upgraded. For different actions such as shooting, strafing, crouching and walking, the correct AI and Player Animations are to be provided. On the Weapon Zoom, the Crosshair is misaligned slightly with the fired projectile. The Tap-Jump acceleration of all the Characters may work as if it was Bunny-hop. The VQ3 Acceleration Gain Detection is to be upgraded. If you feel quite confident with the game download zoom and stream your game-play to create a fan base and even win some money form home

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Unreal Engine 4

For all those who are working with real-time technology Unreal Engine 4 is a perfect suite of development tools. Unreal Engine 4 provides everything required to start, ship, grow and stand out from the crowd for all types of applications – enterprise, cinematic experiences and top-quality games that are played on PC, mobile, console, VR and AR. Unreal Engine 4 is now available free for game development. Unreal Engine 4 is the latest version of the game engine which was developed by Epic Games. The company has made it clear that now anyone can use Unreal Engine 4 for free. Epic introduced Unreal Engine 4 for the first time in March 2014. It was a subscription model and the subscribers were charged $19 per month and a royalty fee of 5% on sales. The Blueprints that are provided inside Unreal Engine 4 constitute the visual scripting system which ensures a fast method to start prototyping the game. Instead of writing the code line by line in this system everything is done visually. They drag and drop the nodes, set their properties in a UI and drag wires to connect. The Unreal Engine 4 is one of the most popular game engines. Unreal Engine 4 is used in several AAA games including Battle Royale Shooter Fortnite of Epic Games and Rocket League of Psyonix. With Unreal Engine 4 it is possible to develop on multiple platforms from PC to consoles like Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

 The flexibility of Unreal Engine 4 to function between different platforms made it one of the most popular game engines. C++ language is also used by skilled programmers to create their scripts that run in the game engine. The powerful blueprints of Unreal Engine 4 are used by some of the developers since the Blueprints are basically code blocks which are prefabricated so that they can be added to the objects to initiate interactions. This system can be used to make simple interactions in VR scenes like picking up the objects or throwing the objects. Unreal Engine 4 offers powerful material and animation tools for the artists who want to make the complex scenes faster. Unreal Engine 4 provides enough documents for the users to learn the system. Since Unreal Engine 4 is 100% free to use, no upfront fee is payable by the users. Instead the users are required to sign the agreement to pay 5% of all the earnings from the game that are above $3000 per quarter. Though Unreal Engine was available from 1998, the latest version Unreal Engine 4 was released in the year 2014. Since this game engine could survive in the game industry for so many years it could gather a huge following and apart from that there are many third-party tutorials and online forums for Unreal Engine 4. The availability of a lot of resources enables the users of this game engine to use the game engine in the most efficient way and to quickly solve all the issues which they may face along the way.

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New features of Unreal Engine

The new features that are added constantly keep this game engine at the top. The artistic as well as development-oriented tools of Unreal Engine provide maximum creative flexibility. For rendering as well as materials, the Unreal Engine uses PBR workflow which is adopted widely. PBR workflow in combination with dynamic shadows and lightings provides photorealistic content of incredible quality. Simple scripts that interact with one another are put together thanks to the Blueprints feature. The built-in good physics engine of Unreal Engine allows soft body physics, gravity and particle effects. The UE Framework is quite easy to use for making any type of objects. The texturing as well as materials tools in Unreal Engine 4 are indeed the best tools. Unreal Engine 4 ensures maximum amount of flexibility and in case the texture maps are made in another program, hundreds of different material Blueprints can be used to customize the final result so as to make exactly what the user wants to make. There are other tools in this game engine that make building of virtual or augment reality much easier. The user can easily create his own terrain using the tools of UE 4. Further, he can use meshes of grass and trees and forest as well as patches of flowers can be painted. The tools enable the user to create perfect outdoor scenes in a few minutes and if the plant meshes that come with UE are used they will be optimized to run in the game.

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