Scalper101 Ultimate Scalping Strategy Review

Scalper101 Review

Introduction to Scalper 101:

What is Scalper 101? As we know that nowadays, it has become very difficult to start a business. It is so because business requires a lot of money in every field. After investing a lot of money you receive 5% of profit after one month and some might receive 10% too which is quite good and will demand almost half of your total life to build an empire. You will require about $1000 to earn just 50$ per month. And if you have a mind-set of earning about $500 per month then you require a hefty amount of $10000. Therefore, to overcome this situation, Scalper 101 was established. This trading system requires a very low amount of money to ultimately start a huge trading business. Scalper 101 helps people to gain large profits from small amounts and is very helpful for every kind of trader.

Scalper101 Review - Ultimate Scalping Strategy
Scalper101 Review – Ultimate Scalping Strategy

Many people have started using this Scalper 101 for the purpose of earning a large revenue and its average score has been excellent. It has provided everyone with positive and the most aggressive results of all time. It is very helpful if you are providing with a lot of investment but its results on a smaller investment are also awesome. According to an estimate, it is providing the users with $4000 revenue of just $500 investment.

What type of people use Scalper 101?

Scalper 101 is basically for those people who are unable to gain profit by trading on Forex and are struggling for a long period of time. They have fed up of investing money on Forex and are on the verge of quitting it. It is a humble request for them to buy this package for the last time. They have met a lot of huge losses and should try this as it is available in a reasonable price and also offers a lot of profit in return.

Whereas there is a special list of types of people who should use this Scalper 101:

  1. It is for those who are using it as their side business rather than their original work. It is so because there is a risk of loss of money in Forex. Hence always opt Forex trading as a side business otherwise it will always remain a risk
  2. People having low revenue to start a business can choose it. The business will grow in a few months almost 8 months and will start providing you with about 40% profit.
  3. The person is totally fed up of trading and is trying to quit it due to continuous loss or low profit. Hence, it is perfect for such person.
  4. The person is currently learning how to trade on Forex but cannot wait to earn profit then it is the right package for you. This will help in the continuous and proper starting of the business.
  5. If you have some money to risk then it is totally favourable for you to invest on it.
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Which kind of people should not choose Scalper 101?

Here I will explain to you about the type of people who should avoid using Scalper 101. These are:

  1. As informed earlier that you should always opt it as your side business. If you have chosen it as your main business then it is not for you. For example if someone has decided to place all of your savings in this Forex trading business then it is definitely not for you. There is a huge risk of loss in Forex. Hence do not opt it as your first preference of earning money.
  2. If you do not have patience to wait for the money and are willing to be a millionaire in just a couple of days, then it is not possible and will be of no profit to you. You should wait in patience for the results.
Scalper101 Review - Ultimate Scalping Strategy
Scalper101 Review – Ultimate Scalping Strategy

Verdict of Scalper 101:

This package is basically built for those who have actually tried every technique to earn profit in Forex but have ultimately failed to do so. They have tried every type of technique but have ultimately failed. This results in the increase in frustration of the person and ultimately forces a person to quit Forex. This package helps to increase the revenue by about 40% in 8 months and is working on more. What you require is patience to earn this much revenue. Most people are unable to wait and ask for becoming a millionaire in just 3 to 4 days which is impossible.

Pros of Scalper 101:

The pros of Scalper 101 are as follows:

  • It is highly profitable and results in the continuous increase of the revenue. It helps the user to guide in order to invest the money in the right way.
  • It allows the user to start a profit gaining account in just $500, which is very reasonable. It allows the user to gain profit with such a small amount and helps to gain a huge profit in a few months.

Cons of Scalper 101:

The only negative point in it is the non-refund policy. They have already advised the customers not to buy it if they do not like it. It is so because they do not offer any guarantee or any prove. They will help you to provide all the instructions necessary but will not control anything by themselves. So, you will have to think before buying it otherwise it will be impossible for you to receive the return money. If you do not like it you will have to throw it away because there will be no other source of returning of the money.

Is this Scalper 101 automated?

The Scalper 101 is totally automated. It is created to instantly provide the user with profit in just a few months. To earn 40% profit in just 8 months and continuing earning it for lifetime is absolutely mind blowing. You can even research on it by yourself to gain proper satisfaction before using it.

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Frequently Asked Question

What are the Countries Accepted for this Program?
Most countries are accepted with no problem as this really depends on the broker. Asia, Europe, and South America are all accepted by our 2 appointed business brokers with no problem at all. The 2 countries that have to be handled differently are USA and Canada.
 There is a solution except that the minimum starting capital has to be $5000 as there are no nano or cent account provided for USA and Canada. 

Why Would I Want to Copy Your Trades?
It’s really simple… now you can leverage on our knowledge about the market. You can either try to figure out on your own which may take months or even years… or you can just copy our trades.

What do you mean a Maximum Account size of $1000?
It means that for this price of $37 per month, your maximum account size can reach only $1000. After that, we have another tiering for bigger account size. For every $1000 block, there will be an additional charge of $20 per month. Example below…

If your account size is $1500, then the monthly subscription is $57 per month ($37 + $20) with an expected return of $150 to $300 per month.

If  your account size is $2800, then the monthly subscription is $77 per month ($37 + $20 + $20) with an expected return of  $280 to $560 per month.

If your account siez is $5200, then the monthly subscription is  $117 ($37 + $20 + $20 + $20 + $20) with an expected return of $520 to $1040 per month.

Is Scalper101 100% Automated?
Yes. We have created a this complex algorithm to trade rapidly and take profit frequently. Now you can just mirror our results.

Do you use Martingale for Scalper101?
Yes indeed but with added algorithm. You might be frightened (and that’s normal) by hearing this word but take look at our record. We have withdrawn much more than our trading capital and the account is now running on pure profit…literally our account is now risk free.

Do you use stop loss?
We use the entire account as a stop loss. This is the main reason why we allocate what we are ready to lose in this account. We start with small capital, trade aggressively for big returns and withdraw trading capital as soon as possible.

Can I cancel at any time?
Yes you can although we know that if we continue to deliver results, there’s really no real reason to cancel. 
That’s why we maintain our “Traders” at peak conditions with constant tweaking and fine tuning.

Can I have more than 1 account connected?
For every subscription, you can only have one account connected to us.

One account for one subscription.

Can I upgrade later?
Yes. Actually, that’s our goal. We want you to slowly grow your account from a small starting capital. You can upgrade to the next tier when you exceed the $1000 limit…but slowly using small capital. Never start with large capital… life becomes very stressful with big capital.

Do I Need a VPS?
Yes. But in this current package we will provide virtual hosting so that you don’t have to carry more unnecessary expenses. We got you covered.

How do I know if your portfolios are legit?
It’s ok to be skeptical because there are just plenty of scams out there. You just need to look deeper into our MyFxBook account or FX Blue account. You will soon see that we don’t hide any information. The only thing we don’t show is our MT4 account number. Everything else is open for viewing. 

Does this system work best during a particular session or a particular market?
Well, you no longer have to worry about this because you will not be entering orders on your own. This is 100% hands free if we can just get the trade copier working without glitch. 

How do I know if the account trading is real?
What you see are tracked by MyFxBook which is a highly reputable website and you can just take a look at our performance to make an informed decision. If you are still skeptical after looking at the trade record, I understand and I say just trust your instinct. Then just continue to follow our trades here on this page.

Does Your System work with all brokers?
Yes as long as it’s on MT4. However, we want you to use our appointed brokers for this package.

How does this trade copier work?
Every time a trade is placed on our master account, it will be copied in real time into your account. All hands-free for you….

Can I get started with a demo account?
Yes, you most definitely can. This can be a great way to get familiar with us.  

What if I want to cancel my subscription?
​Just write to us and we will cancel for you. You can also cancel on your own by canceling the recurring billing via Paypal.

Do I need special software?
You just need your MT4 on your phone to track your performance.

How do I Set this up?

After you confirmed your spot and subscription, we will help you setup. You just need to provide your account details.