Traffic Ivy Ultimate Review – Viral Traffic Network

Traffic Ivy Ultimate – Viral Traffic Network

Traffic Ivy provides the best solution to ensure substantial profit from online business, blogs and eCommerce websites. The most difficult task faced by all those who are in online business ventures is to drive more traffic without which it will be impossible for the businesses to survive. In spite of the services provided by SEO professionals, coders and digital marketing experts, many online businessmen fail to drive more traffic to their website and ultimately the websites are denied of higher ranking on the major search engines. SEO experts are unable to guarantee higher ranking for the websites of their clients.

Traffic Ivy, the viral traffic network dashboard introduced by Cindy Donovan has created wonders in the digital marketing field by enabling online businesses to drive massive traffic to their websites. Traffic Ivy is a SaaS based dashboard for viral network and according to the feedback from online businessmen who have used Traffic Ivy, this software can effectively bring more traffic to websites and thereby enables the online business enterprises to earn profit and grow further. Online marketers who want to run their business profitably and take their business to higher levels can generate real profit within a very short period with the help of Traffic Ivy Viral Network. The very purpose of using Traffic Ivy is to make the online business really profitable. The speed at which Traffic Ivy Ultimate creates an increasing flow of traffic to the website is stunningly high and as a result many people suspect it as something robotic. But, the truth is that Traffic Ivy Ultimate is not a robotic invention. The traffic generated by Traffic Ivy is 100% real traffic and there is absolutely no place for bot-generated traffic.

Why go for Traffic Ivy Ultimate?

Traffic Ivy Ultimate is a perfect software that assures short term as well as long term results to businessmen. Traffic Ivy provides the most extensive coverage to marketing. The blogs as well as business websites can get steady stream of organic traffic by using Traffic Ivy and as a result of this flow of traffic they are able to create real brand image and also improve their sales. Traffic Ivy provides a lot of targeted blogs and the contents as well as articles will be displayed on all those blogs. Traffic Ivy facilitates viral social media marketing for which profiles and pages of those who are on Facebook and other social media sites can be used. The banners and advertisements that are created for a business website get displayed over numerous other websites and blogs which is not possible without Traffic Ivy. Traffic Ivy Ultimate also facilitates YouTube traffic by uploading videos on multiple types of accounts.

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Traffic Ivy Pro version

Businessmen who have purchased Traffic Ivy can  subscribe to the pro version once they are convinced that Traffic Ivy is very much useful to boost their business. Since Traffic Ivy functions based on the point system, the user gets better results when he gets more points. When the user experiences dearth of traffic points he may go for more effective campaigns to win more points so that he can again get organic traffic. When the user upgrades his Traffic Ivy to Traffic Ivy Pro, a large number of traffic points will be added to his account every month. Hence, Traffic Ivy Pro enables the user to get the best quality traffic every month as he requires. Traffic Ivy Pro enables the users to deposit his points in his account and whenever he requires them he can have the points within an hour. The user can have twice as many points per share when he uses Traffic Ivy Pro. With Traffic Ivy Pro more number of social media sites and blogs can be added. Traffic Ivy Pro ensures premium support over Skype.

How to use Traffic Ivy?

Those who have Internet connection can use Traffic Ivy Ultimate. This is a cloud-based software and the users can log in from anywhere to drive traffic to their websites. Traffic Ivy is in fact a large collection of social media sites and blogs. By way of sharing their content on the blogs as well as social media sites the members can score points. Those who share high quality content on great pages will be awarded more points. On purchasing Traffic Ivy the user gets access to the Traffic Ivy network of members and they start sharing the content of the new member on their sites. The new member can get points for free by sharing the content of other members of the community. The points that can be scored from each share depend on quality of the content and also the amount of content already on the particular niche. Always content of very high quality is shared faster. Since the point prices fluctuate rapidly the member should closely watch the marketplace and find out what others pay and then decide how soon he wants his traffic and accordingly pick his price. However, it is not compulsory for the members of Traffic Ivy network to share the content of other members. Instead of sharing content members can purchase points. The member can save his points as long as he wants or spend them all immediately. The saved points can be used whenever the member requires viral traffic. Those who are members of Traffic Ivy are not required to buy traffic for a price. They need to purchase only the membership and by way of sharing other members’ content on their social media pages or blogs the members can earn shares which can be used on the wide network of their blogs which are already established. In addition to providing access to the traffic generation platform, the members are given video training, pdf reports and access to more than 30 training programs.

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The great thing about Traffic Ivy Ultimate is that it really works. The members can really see more traffic coming to their websites once they purchase the membership. In case a member is not getting the expected results from Traffic Ivy, he will be losing nothing because Traffic Ivy comes with 30 days money back guarantee. If the member contacts the support team within 30 days and informs them that he didn’t get the desired results in 30 days the entire amount paid by him will be refunded. But, the member can enjoy the benefits of the traffic that he received during the 30 days. Hence membership with Traffic Ivy Ultimate is 100% risk-free.

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