Trend Profiteer Review

Trend Profiteer Review

There are lots of trading software available today and in this post, I’ll be reviewing one of them.

 A trading software serves as an artificial intelligence aid to traders, sort of like the ‘hint’ in Solitaire which looks for possible moves a player can make with the aim of successfully finishing the game. Those little pieces of information that we miss or overlook which could be helpful in our trade, are all noted and analyzed by the software to suggest where the market trend is headed and direct traders to make the right trade with a high possibility of yielding profits.

Trend profiteer system is just another one of the numerous Forex trading software in use and is the topic of this review. Most of these types of software tend to be very similar in the technical role they play but let’s get to know a bit more about this specific one.

Trend Profiteer Review – What do we know about it?

Here’s what I find a little dodgy. It’s that the Trend profiteer website gives little to no information about what it actually does. You’ll find just a few lines on how it finds $1000+ trades almost daily and the fact that it doesn’t require a credit card and can be gotten for free. Right after that, it provides a link on how to get started.

Seeing as there is already a plethora of similar software that all claim to be the best solution to every trader’s problems, one would expect that they would at least try to enlighten potential users on the specifics of the system with a more detailed website. Some kind of information that could convince traders that it is genuine. It says it is free so what does one have to lose by just clicking on a button, right? But is it what it says it is?

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What is true and what is not?

Regarding Trend profiteer being supposedly free, that is not the case. Certain reports have claimed that the trading indicator has a cost at which it can be accessed; a 7-day trial is available at $7, $37 on a bi-weekly basis and a selling price of $997.

Quite a lot of money, don’t you think? And for what? Well, the Trend profiteer system allegedly has an 80%-win rate, which could also improve over time reaching as high as 85+%. That sounds very inviting. Who knew there could be such high odds in the Forex exchange market? This software is either developed by an absolute genius mastermind or it’s a scam.

Trend Profiteer Benefits

There are however some concrete benefits attached to using this system. The trend profiteer has a Members area that offers premium trading tools, manuals, videos and guides to its subscribers. By now, we are all aware that every trading software comes equipped with these benefits. Training and instructions which are imperative to excel in the market. Sadly, they tend to be very repetitive. And just like its various counterparts, it comes with a money-back guaranty.

So far, I would say there is nothing new, nothing out of the ordinary.

Nonetheless, one good thing is that it has a chat room that is open to members to enable them to communicate directly with the expert traders and even the software developers. It is defined by its developers as a “trade management software and group mentoring program”

It has a semi-automatic trading bot which allows ultimate control to remain in the hands of the trader.

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Trend Profiteer Disadvantages

The Trend profiteer system claims to be the road to financial freedom and beneficial particularly to novices in the Forex market, but it seems like it would only be a hassle to inexperienced traders. From all the technical jargon to the never heard of terminologies, you may want to leave this one to the gurus.

Its trading recommendations that come in form of alerts can be a trap for those newcomers as they are largely favoured by beginners  Being oblivious to the mechanisms of the market, they easily fall prey to blindly following the suggestions provided by the software.

The Trend profiteer advertises to please the people and acquire a consumer base and it doesn’t stress enough on the risks associated with Forex trading. It rather emphasizes how much it reduces risks.

Trend Profiteer Testimonials


Forex trading is not simple and even though the software is developed to help us, one should not expect the unimaginable from it.

I do not recommend dependence on them, but rather honing one’s skill and understanding the behaviour of the market. Remember, you can’t win a game of Solitaire only going by the hints. You could with luck on your side, but having actual knowledge of the game will surely take you farther. Besides, one is most confident when one believes in one’s self.

 We all want to save ourselves the heartache of making losses and disappointment after disappointment, and Trend profiteer boasts a risk to reward ratio of 20:1.

Its claims are very ambitious and may seem even farfetched. Is it all just publicity or is there actual truth to it? Now, that is left for everyone to decide, whether to trust the Trend profiteer system or not. You could always give it a try if you are willing to risk it. Life is in and of itself, a risk.

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You should write a personal review if it turns out to be favorable to you, the opinion of many is always better than the opinion of a few. There never is just a single strategy that leads to an outcome.

You can follow the link below to the Trend profiteer website.

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