6 Premium Gift Card POS Prerequisites

Retail, restaurant, and services gift cards are given new life in the electronic era. This previously low-tech holdover from the days when your local Blockbuster was a cutting edge entertainment supplier is currently a dynamic, multi-channel approach to create new business and inspire customer loyalty.

Gift cards are among the most popular gifts of the holiday season and new electronic versions fit seamlessly into your point of sale system, increasing your reach, appeal, and even insight into your own company.

If your gift card POS solution has all of the ideal functions, you may add a proven sales accelerator to your offerings this year.

From Blockbuster into On-Demand Retail

Gift cards have been with us since that hastens movie rental giant introduced them in the 1990s, and their value has just increased because of the digital advances that finally killed off their originator.

In 2019, around 80 percent of customers received a gift card throughout the holiday season. Furthermore, the average gift card receiver went on to invest around $30 more than the value of this card as soon as they redeem it.

To Get the Most out of the shopping occurrence though, you have to make sure your gift card POS program can execute the following key functions:

  1. Personalized branding
  2. Physical, electronic, online and in-store buy and redemption
  3. Scanning options to suit your POS tastes
  4. Reloadable for repeat sales
  5. Links to loyalty programs
  6. Data science for more effective sales

With these features, you can link your gift card program into your current POS system and seamlessly introduce an entirely new shopping incentive to your offerings.

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Gift Card + POS System

An electronic POS system is an all-in-one platform which can control your whole business. By turning your cash register in an iPad-powered, multimedia, cloud-computing hub you’ll be able to link all of your transactions, purchase orders, staff management jobs, and accounting needs across a touchscreen simple network.

Your gift card program ought to have the ability to fit right alongside your other products in this POS system so that it can be accessed by your customers as readily as their favourite items.

Tying the gift card program into your present workflows also lets you take advantage of the next premium choices only available through a flexible digital platform.

1. Personalized Branding

Gift cards carry your good name out to the broader world. It’s a form of advertising and it is important that the brand, logo, and character of your business are appropriately represented as the cards are passed around somebody’s circle of influence.

You must have options around the character of the plastic, the vibrancy of the emblem, as well as the display of digital fonts and messaging. Your gift card should reflect your values and create some excitement about the retail experience yet to come.

2. Physical, Digital, Online, and In-Store Purchase and Redemption

Clients are as diverse in their physical approach to retail as they are in their own tastes. The electronic era means your store is available online as frequently as a client gets to considering buying anything. Your gift card POS offering ought to be available for both purchase and redemption through every avenue to your goods. That means online and in-store accessibility and physical or electronic cards.

You should also have the ability to market and accept gift cards across a selection of payment types, from money to cardless smartphone wallet choices.

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3. Scanning Options to Fit Your POS Preferences

Your gift cards are as much a product in your catalogue as any other thing on offer. As such, they need to match with your stock and your POS devices. The major gift card POS systems can be tailored to match your current solution so that you don’t need to purchase new equipment.

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You should find a selection of bodily card connections, either via magstripe, regular scanner, or QR code technologies. You can then match your gift cards to the devices you are already using to monitor stock and accept payments

4. Reloadable for Duplicate Sales

A gift card , be it physical or digital, is only a connection between a client and your POS platform. Just like a key that unlocks a door, the card is a means of obtaining a shopper’s personal background with your store. If you would like, you can continue to build on that store of information by enabling the client to reload their gift card and keep using it–that is just like accepting payments in advance of purchase.

As an alternative, you might choose to leave the gift card as a once-off standard introduction and encourage the client to make more of a commitment by registering for long-term incentives.

5. Links to Loyalty Programs

As effective as they may be in generating earnings and dispersing the windfall of the holiday season out over time, gift cards are rather low-tech for the ultra-digital 2020s. You can capitalize on the gift card batter however and use it to create a longer-lasting bond with your client by linking it directly to a customer loyalty program.

Loyalty programs go beyond the anonymity of a present to capture more consumer information and purchasing data, and they have higher sticking power by rewarding repeat visits over time.

6. Data Science for More Effective Sales

A gift card is a double transaction that provides twice the insights to the folks that are interested in your products and retail experiences. By embedding your program in your general POS solution and getting a couple of details at the the time of sale and the period of redemption it is possible to monitor the quantity, popularity, and time of present sales.

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This information can be added into the general data you collect from each sale to create a detailed picture of how your company generates income. This highly accessible type of information science is increasingly becoming a standard feature of POS systems, and provides the average retailer company insights which reduce spend and enhance earnings.

Premium Gift Cards with the Correct POS Partner

As with all the must-have card POS requirements listed above, having the choice to adapt your present program to your distinctive business lets you take complete advantage of a new age of gift card chances.

The gift card solutions made by ConnectPOS provide a natural extension of your POS system to maximize the effect of your holiday season earnings. We use detailed information from your company to create an innovative program that capitalizes on your appeal and offerings.





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