Customer Appreciation Day: 9 Ideas to Show Shoppers How Much You Value Them

Clients: where would we be without them, right? In a world where customers have seemingly infinite choices of places to shop, we are all sincerely grateful to our customers who choose to shop with us. We love them.

The thing is: your clients may not know how much you love them. A third of clients say they think a brand they love does not care about them. And that’s bad, because the other side of this is that if a customer is loyal to your organization, they spend an average of 66 percent greater than a non-loyal customer.

For these reasons, it is incredibly important that you convey exactly how much you appreciate your customers.

That’s where Client Appreciation Day comes in. Customer Appreciation Day is a holiday that you get to select where you observe your clients and show them just how special they are to you. You can go all out or keep it fairly small, but here are a few ideas to inspire you:

1. Handwritten thank you notes

Handwritten thank you notes are in fact a fantastic idea to send yearlong to high-spenders or valued clients, but if you are not sending them yearlong, Client Appreciation Day is the opportunity to do it.

Handwritten thank you notes should be sent to your valued clients from salespeople they really know and cite particulars. The salesperson can ask as to if a purchased item is working out nicely, or follow up on a subject they conversed about in shop. These notes allow your salespeople (from the title of your brand) to show your clients how much they really care about them.

Note: Be authentic when implementing this client appreciation idea. Handwritten notes will need to be delivered to highly appreciated shoppers (read: not simply to everybody ), otherwise they could appear forced or perhaps disingenuine (the exact opposite of what you are going for).

Years ago, for example, I bought a $4 pair of tights in a Brooks Brothers outlet. I talked to no one except the cashier. And almost inexplicably, a month after I got a thank you note from someone at the socket.

While I appreciated the time that person had shot, I could not get the picture of the person I did not understand going through their CRM and writing a note to my title about my purchase, without having a clue about who I was. The note ended up accidentally underscoring how small personal connection I had made in the shop.

2. Create a unique video to share on social networking.

Another amazing customer appreciation idea? Say thank you to your clients is by putting together an engaging thank you video to share with them on social. It might be something simple, such as all of your staff just saying thank you to the camera. You can get an idea of what that would look like in this movie by software firm Constant Contact. Birchbox took this even further by having staff members discuss their favourite customer stories. See it below:

In case you’ve got the creation means, you might ramp up your video to be story-telling. 1 thought I think could be really cool is telling an overall story of the awesome things your clients using your items. An outdoor athletic company could have clients tell stories of amazing hiking trips, extreme sports minutes along with other things, for example, and wrap up the video by saying something like,”Thank you to all our customers who opt to take out our products on the street with them. We are honored to be a part of your trip.”

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Accounting program Xero did just that when they hit one million readers. They put the spotlight on a few of their clients and business advisors, then shut the movie with the line…”So for helping us hit the big one, thanks a million.”

3. Share stories and photos of your clients online.

If you like the concept of creating online content intended to tug some heartstrings but do not have the production abilities to get a high quality video, then you could ask clients to share photographs and stories of what they do together with your own products. Then you can share these pictures all of Client Appreciation Day.

It is also possible to turn this clinic into a regular series. The Texas-based salon and spa, The Branded Beauty Bar does so nicely through its”BBB Client of the Week” series, where they spotlight loyal clients on their Instagram account.

From the post below example, they congratulated one of the regular customers for recently earning her Bachelor’s degree. They also mentioned how long she has been a client and BBB also included a quote directly from the customer.

Do something similar in your enterprise. Identify your best customers, learn their stories, then spotlight them on your own social accounts.

4. Customer appreciation-themed promotions

A storewide”Xpercent off for Client Appreciation Day” promotion, can go a long way. If you’re looking for a terrific theme for your next promotion, then”customer appreciation might be a fantastic option.

You could even make it an exclusive advertising for the most loyal shoppers. The Habitat for Humanity store in Rio Grande Valley, as an instance, conducted a 15% off sale for Client Appreciation Week, and provided additional to members of the rewards program.

And if you wish to take things to another level, run a personalized promotion which shows to all your clients that you understand who they are. What exactly that personalized promotion resembles will come down to your technology and your imagination, but here are a few thoughts:

Dynamic provides — If your tech will make it possible for you to, send each customer a lively promotion for their favourite item(s). If you’re not able to do this automatically, you might still wish to comb through your top clients and manually provide maybe the best 10-50 a marketing on their favorite products. Those clients that keep the lights are worth the time.

Loyalty program-wide promotions — You can make it look unique and special to this person using well-deployed marketing automation. First, your email statement should be highly personalized. Believe”[Client name], we can not tell you how much we appreciate having you as a client for x years. To say thank you for being so amazing, we would like to offer you Xoff the entire shop for the day.” Then you may also use your marketing automation system to customize each of the promotional CTAs on the site once the customer visits it, to actually make them feel that this advertising is only for them.

KiwiCo, a subscription company for children, did just that when it sent the following email. The subject line pretty much said it all: Thanks for being a loyal KiwiCo Subscriber!

And in the body of the email, the KiwiCo team said just how much they appreciate their associates and they comprised a range of discounted packages specifically for their own subscribers.

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An overall store-wide”Friends and Family” type advertising on Client Appreciation Day, but provide your loyalty members better perks — This is a less personalized approach, but it still says thank you. And on top of that, it doubles as an incentive to get customers to sign up to your loyalty program daily. (Salespeople can say,”That is already available, but you will find that thing even cheaper if you only subscribe to the loyalty program now!” From my sales experience, most people you tell that to will sign up.)

Apparel retailer New York & Company does so quite nicely. Lately, their branch at the Los Cerritos Mall ran an overall sale that all shoppers could take part in, but they provided additional savings for their credit card members.

5. Send gift baskets.

Want to do something really unexpected? Send your top clients a present. Nothing says thank you like a gift basket full of chocolate berries, in my view. But seriously, put together some thoughtful brand-complementary gift baskets to your top spenders. Think about including a small gift card to your shop so as to receive your clients back in the doors, also. A women’s clothing store, for example, may want to send some self-care things like bath salts in a basket.

6. Give Additional loyalty points

A more compact way to show your appreciation is to give your loyalty members additional loyalty points for client appreciation day. The best way to do this is the most generous — give them the amount of things necessary to receive a reward. However, you could also give every a round number of things, like 500. You could go really cheap and just offer extra points for each dollar for shopping with you on Client Appreciation Day. But again, I do not advise cheaping out on this party. The purpose is to show your customers you care and allow them to spend more money simply to get your thank you does not really make you look like you care.

7. Host a party for your loyalty members (consider an Internet event if you are social distancing)

If you wish to actually go all out for Client Appreciation Day, host a party for your loyalty members. You could close early one day, and set up snacks, possibly some champagne and terrific music. You could center the celebration around a killer reduction, or conduct a preview of your new line. Run a giveaway or give everybody a free gift. Whatever you decide, be certain you provide a compelling reason for people to really come to your party.

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Harmony Farm Supply & Nursery in California has this notion mastered. Their Customer Appreciation Day celebration comes with a local musician and free tacos. They’ve giveaways, discounts, and free samples. They are also even offering free courses on farm care! There is really no reason for their clients to not attend and feel special.

Notice: if you are reading this through the COVID-19 pandemic, then in-store events should be shelved until your town’s social distancing measures are lifted. Meanwhile, see if you can take your client appreciation ideas online by hosting exclusive sales and shopping events.

Nordstrom does this really well. The business regularly holds”early access” online sales for the members of its loyalty program.

8. Hand out goodie bags

If you wish to produce a party-like vibe with hosting a full-scale celebration, consider offer goodie bags to shoppers daily on your Client Appreciation Day. Include some tiny on-brand tokens and create the bags extra exciting by providing”mystery” gift cards into your store in the bags. You could give out mostly $5 gift cards, but up the excitement by adding a couple of high-value ones, also. Make certain to mention on your messaging that every goodie bag comprises a gift card of around $X.

9. Make a donation on your client’s names.

Luxury brands, in particular, may discover that offering discounts not only devalues their goods but might not particularly excite their target market. If that’s the case, think about donating money to an on-brand charity of your (or your clients’) option in their titles. It’s a intelligent way to say thank you to your clients while still offering them something that they care about.


Customer Appreciation Day is all about showing your clients how much you appreciate them. Whether you just do something on this list or the majority of them, keep your customers front and center and it’ll be an awesome day.

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