Restaurant Gift Card Point of Sale Solution: Top Five Facts for Consideration

A lot people have been in the use of the consumer, scrambling to get a present for a individual that’s either difficult to search for or if the situation dictates a very impartial present, like a gift exchange at work. While most popular in retail settings, gift cards have gained entrance into new kinds of companies, including spas, salons, and restaurants. Should you choose to provide gift cards to your restaurant, what features should you look for in your gift card solution?

Restaurant gift card point of sale service requires using the ideal POS solution; one which can be leveraged to drive more traffic through your doors. These innovative tools will let you handle gift cards with a high rate of accuracy whilst leading new cost-saving abilities and better client service.

5 Factors to Consider Regarding Restaurant Gift Card Point of Sale Solutions

When analyzing potential POS solutions, there are five important facts that you want to consider when making a POS system choice.

Fact 1: Clients Which Use Gift Cards Spend More

Customers using gift cards will more times than not outspend the amount of the gift card when redeeming. The average overspend speed for restaurants is 13%, making gift cards a terrific advertising tool for jump-starting your bottom line. Gift cards also offer you a simple way to advertise your restaurant, with gift card receivers getting new (and possibly repeat) customers.

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Leveraging gift cards brings in new clients who will provide valuable information regarding your enterprise. You may obtain feedback from a new set of taste buds, enabling you to utilize that data to maximize your menus so as to serve a wider clientele spectrum. Because of this, offering gift cards will open your restaurant to new channels of possible customers, assisting you to obtain stability and growth in your market.

Truth 2: Gift Cards Can Double as Loyalty Cards

An exciting and attractive quality of gift cards is they can also function as loyalty cards. Leveraging your gift cards as loyalty cards gifts you with additional options to enhance the speed of customer stickiness. The integration of gift cards, loyalty rewards, and elite POS technology permits you to offer enticing customer retention alternatives, such as reloadable cards and customized promotions based on order history.

Truth 3: Digital Gift Cards Offer Better Long-Term Value

An additional high-tech option that’s supplied by cutting edge POS platforms is the ability to go digital with your gift cards. An electronic gift card makes it much less probable that the card is going to be lost, and is a natural fit when offering reloadable gift card choices or using them as loyalty cards. Moving electronic makes gift card redemption a lot more convenient, particularly when a client can easily add their gift card for their electronic wallet for safekeeping.

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Truth 4: Quality of Data and Predictive Analytics Increases Dramatically With POS Technology

Implementing a gift card program on your restaurant, when combined with the latest in POS technology, can help you build a better set of information. Subsequently, this information can be leveraged to construct highly accurate predictive analyses that will provide you the insights necessary to modify your menus and process flows.

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Present card use –and their influence on your business’ income–is more accurately measured when using a POS system with information management capabilities. You can track important statistics and trends, such as:

  • Which are the most popular menu items arranged with gift cards?
  • Are gift cards used all at once, or spread across multiple excursions?
  • How frequently –and for how much–are present cards reloaded?
  • On average, how long does it take recipients to trigger their gift cards?
  • Who one of your regular customers is most likely to buy gift cards?

This brief list of information that may be gathered from gift cards will provide you an accurate look into which areas of your company are success, and which need improvement.

Truth 5: Gift Cards Contribute to Improved Inventory and Product Controls

As mentioned previously, a contemporary POS solution will provide you additional sources of information which could be used to enhance every area of your company. One important area that’s often overlooked when it comes to data usage is inventory management.

The addition of information gathered from these fresh to your company can enable you to craft a menu which better matches the preferences of prospective new clients. This permits you to present trending meal choices while correctly aligning your inventory controls to keep pace with menu changes. With the ideal POS system set up, you will also have the ability to track the quality of menu items being served with a high degree of precision from the ease of a mobile app.

Ready to Insert Restaurant Gift Card Point of Sale Services For Your Business Strategy?

Implementing and managing a restaurant gift card program will yield many benefits and benefits for your organization. However, a number of these potential benefits will only be possible with the right blend of highly competent POS tools to back up your gift card program. However, what does the right mix of POS tools look like, especially for the unique needs and challenges your restaurant confronts daily? The advisers at ConnectPOS know. They’ll work with you to create a customized solution that will integrate seamlessly with your distinctive business model. Do not let another company day pass–telephone ConnectPOS to begin on building your restaurant gift card program now!


The POS specialists at ConnectPOS possess a mix of skills which will ensure a seamless restaurant gift card point of sale solution integration with your existing operations. From streamlining business processes to implementing supportive POS technologies, they will work to confirm that your gift card program operates smoothly and provides you the maximum benefits possible.







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