Unmatchable Restaurant Business Trends to Watch in 2019

As last couple of months of 2018 are quickly approaching, it is time to begin considering the trends that will dominate the restaurant business in 2019. The driving forces behind some of the greatest restaurant trends which will rule in the coming year are an improvement in technology, smooth dine-in surroundings, and eye-catching food functioning.

However, sustainability remains an important trend, and restaurants are moving further to be environmentally responsible by staying high on ethics. And they’re doing it by mitigating waste in addition to sourcing local produce.

Because the world is becoming more and more digitized, restaurants are also opting for several compact and automated operations employing cloud-based POS solution. And, according to increasing tendency of social media–concentrated society, restaurants ought to be striving to become more Instagrammable.

Here’s the list of restaurant trends that Will hit the café and restaurant business in 2019:

Waste Conscious Menus

The sustainable and farm-to-table cuisine is being a buzzy term for many years now and it’ll continue to be the first priority of your customers. These days, people are becoming more worried about where the food comes from and its ecological effect.

The most recent iteration of this motion is”Root to stem”, which means restaurants will also be obliged to play a very important role in maintaining the environment, food, and living better. They mostly practice it by focusing on controlling food waste by using each component of the veggies, fruits, and other products. The NRDC reports imply that 40 percent of food in the us is losing up to 40 percent of its food from farm to fork to landfill; rather, it is wasted and ends up in the landfill. Thus, so many restaurants are researching ways to utilize every part of the product — as well as food that has been discarded.

Technology-Driven Operations

Whether you’ve been in the restaurant business for some time or starting a restaurant set up this season, expect digitization and automation to take a major part in the restaurant world. Lately, many restaurants have begun adopting advancement in technology as they’ve started using cloud-based POS to keep tabs on every business detail when n the move.

The cloud-based Pos solution keeps restaurateurs at ease by keeping them aware of the sales, inventory, and accounts, so they can run entire business on fingertips.

The cloud-based POS system is not merely to keep tabs on company operations, however, the software also helps to keep clients’ data flawlessly.

Location-Based Marketing

In 2019, there’ll be many more restaurants tapping into the opportunities by allowing geo-location technology to encourage and attract clients. The much-advanced tech operation, like google’s announcement that restaurants are now permitted to embed their menus in their search results, provides high chance to target hungry diners that are interested in a nearby place to have good food.

Restaurants are taking smart moves by targeting nearby prospective customers through social networking channels. This place tagging technique on social media makes it effortless to place ads for a limited period of time in a particular area and customers.

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Instagram Worthy Food and Drinks

Now, people are not just conscious about what’s going in their tummy, but they do focus on the gorgeous servings that are tempting as they will need to put pictures in their Insta, Snapchat, Facebook, and other social networking accounts. Social networking has upped the ante for restaurants because people search for more unique, beautiful, and over-the-top products.

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If you check out actors’ profiles, they also love to dine-in at locations that provide food that’s fantastic in flavor, have good ambience, and seems oh-so-hot. And, in every season, you’ll have to design a new theme and methods to make your food look yummy and eye-catching.

Arguably, buzz-worthy beverages and meals can be a blessing for restaurants, as social networking users be aware of these foods and try (or at least share photos of your meal) the products. Thus, all restaurateurs should count on this tendency to hang as foodies continue to seek out FOMO-inducing and Instagrammable content.

Offer Expended delivery and Pickup Services

Gone are the days when restaurants used to provide pretty much-limited shipping and takeout options, which are normally consisted of Chinese food and pizza. There are loads of restaurants that planned their companies on the concept that there are people, who wish to eat restaurant food, but they are not necessarily interested in being in the restaurant. Therefore, restaurants understand the behavior of consumers and making delivery and take away process more convenient.

In response to the increasing takeaway demand of consumers, now restaurants are changing their structures and procedures with committed pickup counters, make lines, cubbies, and etc..

Please Share Your Ideas!

We hope you will keep all these restaurant business trends in mind when entering the New Year with zeal and zest. If any of you have any other interesting understanding of the restaurant trends for coming years, then do share it in the comment section below.

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