If you are looking to increase small business sales, you do not have to break the bank to make a meaningful impact on your bottom line. Sometimes it’s the little things that will make the biggest difference.
As a business owner you probably spend a couple of hours per week fending off sales calls for products designed to boost sales, bring in more clients, make you taller, and probably cure baldness. But there are alternatives.

Below I have outlined five free and easy tweaks for your iPad POS which you can implement right after reading this post. Enjoy.

Customizing your receipts with a Joke or Riddle

There’s no reason your receipt can’t be utilised as a tool to make your customers laugh and keep them coming back for more. Entertaining a client and having a fantastic experience in your store is a great way to increase their probability of being a repeat customer. One simple trick is adding additional text at the bottom of your receipts with a daily joke or riddle using a promotion incentive for answering correctly. You would be surprise how little gestures such as this for smaller companies can increase sales.

Here’s why the adorable little monkey that allows you to send customized marketing campaigns to your valued customers.

Using an iPad POS you can easily capture customers emails by emailing them a receipt and monitoring their item purchase history. Using this information you can send out that fighter to let your clients know about incoming shipments of new products, events or upcoming promotions.

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On top of that, many iPad POS systems will integrate MailChimp directly into your POS software. With MailChimp being Free for your first 12,00 emails it’s an invaluable tool to keep in touch with your loyal customers and easily usable with an iPad POS.

Customize your iPad Button Layout with Staff Favorites and Best Selling Items

Often I walk into a restaurant or coffee shop with no clue of what I wish to get and will only ask the waiter:”What is good here?” OR”What’s new?” Not all workers, especially newer ones, will know off the top of their head what the top sellers or staff favorites are, but luckily your POS software can tell you that information. With a customizable layout on your iPad enroll, you can use your employees expertise and knowledge to record their favorite items, top selling things or new arrivals to make recommendations to clients. Adding that consultative experience to your their visit can be an easy way to encourage them to come back next time and seek the advice of your employees. This is an easy way not just to engage your customers, but also give your workers a voice to let your clients know what the staff likes and what is best at your store.
Customize your iPad layout to drive upselling

A well structured register button design is a superb way to encourage your employees to upsell. Simply make sure that you have items grouped together intelligently, so employees are prompted to offer a muffin with each coffee, or a glass of house wine with each special. Equally item modifiers are amazing for this purpose. Be sure that each item has several’update’ options your staff can offer. This won’t work if your staff don’t know the art of sales, so I’d recommend checking out this guide written by our VP of Sales and Marketing here in ConnectPOS on how to’convert’ each individual who walks through your door to the most lucrative sale possible.

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Start Accepting Apple Pay & PayPal

With the advent of Apple Pay, businesses everywhere are looking for ways to integrate mobile payments and permit their customers to pay in a way that convenient and let us leave the wallet at home Apple Pay is targeted to be the biggest innovation in mobile payments in 2015, with Apple Pay bringing back mobile payments from the deceased. Other great choices that are already widely in circulation include PayPal. My colleague Richard Berger recently wrote a post on mobile payments you may check out for additional information. With tech innovators coming up with brand new ways for customers to leave the wallet at home, make sure that you never have to turn away a client who only has an iPhone to cover. Well, they’re wrong. You can begin making more money tomorrow by simply implementing these small tweaks to your iPad POS.