What’s Click and Collect?

Running a business has always come with challenges, and you’ve always been able to rise above them. Tackling them head-on, you’ve made a business plan that’s crafted to keep you flexible and nimble irrespective of the conditions. But even the best business planning couldn’t have seen or addressed a number of the instant challenges which arose with the arrival of COVID-19. How can a small company quickly adapt to working under these new constraints?

There’s an exciting trend that has emerged largely in part to COVID called collect and click. If you have been wondering,”What’s click and collect and how do I use it?” Let’s turn to Walmart as a prime example. For decades, Walmart has been rolling out an initiative, primarily marketed around markets, that makes it possible for customers to purchase groceries online and then pick them up from a shop. The major selling point of this was that a Walmart employee would emerge in the shop with your own items, and load them into your car or truck.

Click and gather is a service which will benefit both you and your clients. Along with staying safely available, you will secure your staff whilst still mainly operating normally. Clients will appreciate the safety which your click and collect solutions supply, and will delight in knowing that when they arrive to collect their purchases, they will know that their favourite things are in stock, enjoy the zero wait times in line, rather than have the extra cost of shipping to factor into the budget.

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Is Click and Collect Great for Any Business Model?

You might be thinking, particularly after the above Walmart instance, that click and gather is only meant for retail settings. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, as building a click and gather strategy is a helpful tool in just about any business setting. Here are some common business examples of how click and gather is flexible enough to fit into almost any business model:

  • Restaurants can use online ordering to provide click and gather services in the kind of curbside meal pickup.
  • QSRs and cafes with drive-thru or takeout windows are already engaged in a type of click and accumulate. Those without can easily transition into this model by mixing online ordering capabilities with a few outside organization, like assigning stall numbers to clients for pick up.
  • Hands-on companies, like salons and pet groomers, may use click and collect for the satisfaction of ordered supplies and organize drop-offs, pickups, or occasions to go into the company.
  • Food trucks get even faster with collect and click. Customers place an order online, then arrive at the scheduled time to pick up orders.

The only limitations that have a click and collect model are your creativity and the technology you use. Many contemporary POS solutions are already armed with the capacity to turn online orders into client satisfaction. However, if you realize that you’re missing seamless integration across every area of your organization, then it’s time to consider stepping up your POS game a notch to enjoy the full advantages of offering click and accumulate solutions.


How Can a POS Solution Help Support a Click and Collect Strategy?

Possessing the ability to safely continue to engage customers with your company brand through collect and click can be a crucial win. Making this possible requires that you have the best supporting technologies behind you driving precision and putting forward a sense of security in most staff/customer interactions. You want to have your POS system at a high enough level to help you efficiently manage your click and collect support.

Supporting click and accumulate via your POS solution requires having versatile cloud-based POS tools set up. Leveraging these cloud-based POS features gives you the capability to incorporate your online presence to the rest of your company. From here, you’ll have the ability to effectively manage the extra channels which emerge as a result of a click and gather strategy, and to gain the confidence required to quickly change directions in the middle of evolving rules around COVID.

Can POS Tools Help Manage Click and Collect Orders?

An advanced POS platform can help you handle click and collect in just about any business while providing you the essential tools to market your brand. There are some Very Important tools that must be contained on your POS software so as to gain the maximum automated Aid for click and collect, for example:

  • Seamless integration of your web presence into your POS system.
  • Advanced data management to monitor and analyze your new data resources.
  • Inventory controls that track stock levels and trends while relying on integrated sales and stock data.
  • Mobile device and app support, so that your staff and clients can enjoy the best flexibility possible for the decrease in direct contact when required.
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Leaning on the powerful tools of a cutting-edge POS solution gives you the tools needed to market sales even in a downward trending market. You’ll be well-equipped to proactively correct inventory in response to changing customer demand and can market your company as a safe seller of the products you carry and the exceptional customer service that you’re known to provide.





Your Response to What’s Click and Collect Will Be Different from Other Businesses

Continuing to offer your business to clients doesn’t end with the addressing of any COVID-related security concerns. The best way to address these issues and any operational constraints that apply to you will be shown in full view to your clients and the general community, which makes it crucial to have a well thought out click and gather strategy in place. And alas, the uniqueness of the way you operate will make it improbable that a similar business model is different you could imitate.

Click and collect gives you the chance to present secure, engaging alternatives to your client base. Understanding how to precisely incorporate this model into your company may yield inconclusive results if you don’t engage a specialist. You have earned a POS adviser like those at ConnectPOS who has their finger on the pulse of emerging POS technology and yet possesses a broad spectrum of business experience which can be applied directly to a unique business situation.

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