Why having the right tools at your fingertips is Much More important than ever

Whether your shop doors remain shut or you have opened them to find less foot traffic than normal, retail will bounce back, and it’s the business owners who take the time to create a unique ecosystem of apps to match their shop which will thrive as we approach the upcoming retail spring. Vend has partnerships with a number of top business apps that could perfectly integrate into your shop and will make selling easy.

Read below to see which apps are the best match for your organization.


Accounting might not be sexy but with earnings stilted, an easy, straightforward accounting system can be vital. As you prepare for your shop to reopen, it is essential to be certain that all your financial ducks are in a row.

By providing robust integrations with Xero, QuickBooks Online, and MYOB, Vend provides you ample choice to discover the accounting add-on which suits your company best, whether you have got one socket or heaps.


Global lockdowns have been altering how clients expect to shop. Doors could be shut but we are willing to bet that a lot of your customers still need to purchase. Why not begin selling online?

Open your own online store or market on social websites with BigCommerce or WooCommerce. As soon as you’ve done this, take a look at add-ons such as Pointy and NearSt that get you listed on Google’s local stock advertisements, to attract more people in as your store reopens.

Whichever route you choose, your shop’s online sales and performance are monitored in Vend too.

Customer Engagement

It is important to keep your loyal customers in the know during times of doubt, so they know exactly when they can next come and see you in-store. If that may not be for some time, why not send them a personalized message to inform them about the online shop you simply set up?

Customer engagement add-ons such as Marsello and MailChimp include the people factor to your Vend ecosystem. Send your customers an email about your store’s opening date, let them know about the new online sale, or perhaps just wish them a happy birthday. And while you are there, why not establish a loyalty program and start giving customers things for reviewing products or enjoying your social networking pages?


Get better visibility over your company data and never lose sight of how you are doing. Vend integrates with leading analytics apps like Vonto, 9Spokes, and Zoined that take your shop data and make it easier to understand and plan for the future.

Have your personal BI reporting applications? Publish Vend with SyncHub to receive your Vend data into your favorite reporting tool. Growing your business has never been easier.

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