Everyone knows the sort of beating an iPad may take. My iPad was dropped from various heights, had food smeared on the display and gotten wet enough to have had a tub, but each time I pull the cover, it still glows strong. (On a side note, if you are hooked on using your iPad, set it in a Ziplock back once you use it in the tub. It is still possible to command the touch screen through the plastic. Bathing with your iPad isn’t recommended, however.) We’ve been through a lot together, and as my two-year-old iPad is nearing the end of its life, I find myself wishing I took better care of it.

In light of my regrets and with the support of this ConnectPOS POS team, we’ve produced a few iPad maintenance tips. Your iPad POS has a lengthy work day, so treat it correctly.

1. Do not leave the iPad charging all night and day. This shortens the battery life. Allow the battery run down then plug in the iPad to bill. Your iPad will last longer.

2. Do not use window cleaners, household cleaners, etc. on the screen. Simply use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean the iPad.

3. If cashiers frequently have wet hands, get a screen protector!

4. Maintain the iPad at room temperature. Putting an iPad alongside the industrial size oven isn’t recommended.

5. Power your iPad down frequently. Every day closed down is not essential, but after a week you should give it a break.

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For small companies, the cloud is just plain dreamy. Not only does it free you from your desk, letting you access information from anywhere, but in addition, it contains dozens of cloud-based services to help you run your company.

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As connoisseurs of the cloud, we at ConnectPOS POS thought we’d write about some of our favorites.

First off, say goodbye to this greasy, scribbled-on work program hanging on your store with WhenToWork, among those”why did not I think of the” services. WhenToWork makes it effortless to schedule changes, see who is working when and fill empty slots with individuals who have accessibility. Employee scheduling is made simple. It keeps all workers in touch, so no more denying who is supposed to start tomorrow.

For small business owners, this nightmare of falling from a high cliff can be substituted by the one of a tower of newspaper tumbling onto you, waking you as you are going to be buried. Use for payables management and get some sleep. You and your accountant will have everything you want to handle daily finances and cash flow with It simplifies bill payment and client invoicing. You read that right, you don’t have to write your to-do list in your hand .

1 thing small business owners occasionally miss about the corporate world is these remarkable phone systems, where everybody has the exact same prefix, and it’s easy to get the telephone number of any worker. Ring Central provides an amazing and affordable cloud-based mobile system that does exactly what those legacy systems do, but even better. It’s not necessary to sit in the exact same building or even the exact same time zone. Ring Central works with cellular phones also.

What’s that? These all sound great, but you would really love one more? Well, in case you currently have ConnectPOS POS, we will provide a brief shoutout to the ConnectPOS POS Dashboard App. Get a live picture of how your store is doing from the smartphone. Check on earnings and see the amount of transactions which were made that day. With ConnectPOS POS’s cloud-based app, you can see whats happening on your shop without needing to step foot in it.

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